January 31, 2014

Marijuana-Inspired Supper Club To Open In NYC

The Big Apple's world-renowned innovative cuisine never ceases to shock and awe its residents -- and the newest addition to the scene will be no exception. A fine-dining, marijuana-inspired supper club is rumored to be opening in New York City.

According to its website, Sinsemil.la will debut the latest in food fusion by pairing the flavors of its delectable-sounding spring tasting menu with a complementary variety of weed. “The meal is a carefully calibrated experience from start to finish," a description on the club’s website reads. "Marijuana varietals are tested not just for their organic qualities, but specifically to balance the flavors of each dish and for their psychoactive properties throughout the flow of the dinner."

A teaser video for the supper club features dishes from its tasting menu, which includes potato gnocchi with White Widow buttered wild mushrooms, as well as cold-smoked Peconic Bay scallop crudo with chorizo and OG Kush oil. (As Eater notes, however, this may all be a hoax.) As a disclaimer, the video says the supper club “isn’t about getting high—it’s about haute cuisine.” It’s unclear exactly when and where the gatherings will take place (never mind how the supper club will operate in terms of avoiding legal issues), but aside from those “minor” issues, the concept seems like an ingenious innovation in high-end cuisine. From our first glimpse, we give Sinsemil.la 4.20 stars.

Source: Huffington Post

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