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Grand Central Market New York
Non-smokers friendly

A Food Market for Food Connoisseurs


Grand Central Market, inside the busy Grand Central Terminal, is full of fun and interesting food items like hard-to-find spices, specialty coffee beans, fresh fish, and gourmet chocolates. If you weren’t a food enthusiast before, this market may turn you into one!

Grand Central Market brings together a number of fine New York City food establishments under one roof. Highlights of the market include:

  • Murray's Cheese for specialty cheeses.
  • Pescatore Seafood Co for lobster, caviar, and other seafood items.
  • Zaro's Bakery for mouth-watering muffins.
  • Oren's Daily Roast for specialty coffee beans.


The market is known for high-quality foods that may also (but not always) come at high prices.

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for exotic food items, it’s still fun to look around. Not everything has to be cooked - you can buy prepared foods for a meal too. There are plenty of snack options as well.

Because of its location inside Grand Central Terminal, a major transportation hub for New York City, the market is frequented by commuters grabbing breakfast on their way to the office or a snack/dinner for the ride home.


Location: The market is located on the east side of Grand Central Terminal. The street entrance to the market is at Lexington Avenue and 43rd Street.

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