October 07, 2022

7 Best Foodservice Equipment You Can Acquire And How To Choose A Reliable Supplier

Whether in a residential or a commercial kitchen, different equipment is used to prepare, make, and serve food. Using the proper set of kitchen items is essential to ensure the quality of the food. From cutting the ingredients, cooking them, and serving the cooked food on the table, you will need to use different tools like knives, plates, pans, grills, spoons, serving utensils, and so on.

What Are The Foodservice Equipment You Can Acquire From A Reliable Supplier

Check out this section to learn about various kitchen appliances you can buy from trustworthy food service equipment distributors like Russell Hendrix Restaurant Supplies.

  • Food Preparation Equipment

The essential food preparation equipment includes blenders, commercial mixers, food processors, dough sheeters, juicers, slicers, shredding machines, meat grinders, spinners, pasta makers, etc. All these appliances are accessible in different sizes and capacities, suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

  • Cooking Equipment

All the appliances you need to cook different foods can be purchased under the cooking equipment category. These appliances include fryers, cheese melters, steamers, grills, toasters, griddles, microwave ovens, sandwich presses, portable stoves, rice cookers, waffle irons, popcorn machines, ice cream makers, etc.

  • Smallware Equipment

When preparing and cooking food, all the tiny utensils. you use come under the small wares category. You can buy high-quality small wares from a supplier, such as cookware, baking supplies, cutting boards, pans, bowls, lighters, squeeze bottles, thermometers, and more.

  • Knives

One type of knife might not be ideal for cutting vegetables, chopping meat, and slicing butter. So, you can acquire different knives like utility knives, santoku knives, butcher knives, paring knives, specialty knives, boning knives, bread knives, butter knives, carving forks, etc.

  • Beverage Equipment

After water, coffee is the second most beverage drunk by people. In 2021, about 166.63 million packets of coffee were used worldwide (each box worth 60 kilograms). You can buy beverage appliances to make coffee, iced drinks, etc. Reliable online food service distributors like Russell Hendrix restaurant supplies offer coffee machines, espresso makers, frozen beverage dispensers, hot beverage dispensers, coffee and espresso machine accessories, etc. 

  • Serving And Tabletop Tools

After cooking food, you will need a set of tools to serve the food and place it on the table. These tools include serving plates, bowls, trays, beverage glasses, spoons, forks, steak knives, straws and disposables, teapots, thermal servers, decanters, condiment holders, sauce cups, etc. 

  • Cleaning And Safety Equipment

The appliances and tools you can acquire from a restaurant equipment supplier are not limited to food preparation, cooking, or serving. You will need cleaning and safety tools to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen area. It is possible by getting items like cleaning brushes, chemicals, sponges and towels, floor care supplies, janitor carts, waste and utility containers, air fresheners, etc.

How To Pick A Reliable Foodservice Equipment Supplier 

  • Certifications

Several national and international standards exist for manufacturing and designing appliances, such as NSF, ANSI, ISO, etc. If the food service equipment supplier features standard certifications, the items will mostly be durable and sturdy.

  • Reviews

It is also better to check the reviews and feedback of previous customers and restaurants who bought kitchen items from that supplier. This way, you can know the brand's credibility.

  • Examine The Supplier's Warehouse

Think about the warehouse accessibility and location of a supplier. It is also good to examine the supplier's warehouse to inspect the space and hygiene conditions.

  • Warranty

The high-end kitchen equipment vendors will always offer warranties to guarantee customer satisfaction. They may provide lengthy warranties or a choice to prolong the warranty.

Bottom Line 

When picking a kitchen appliance supplier, selecting the one that meets your particular requirements is vital. Then, you can purchase all kinds of kitchen items, from food preparation items to kitchen storage tools.

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