December 27, 2022

Sous Vide Food Offers Many Great Benefits to Restaurants and Other Hospitality Industries

Sous Vide Prepared Meals

Sous vide prepared meals have become especially popular in the commercial industry in recent years. They help to deliver consistently cooked and delicious food every time, making them a great addition to any industry’s menu offering. The sous vide technique has been used by chefs for decades and helps to deliver quality and safe food to kitchens of all sizes. Many chefs and food scientists today are incorporating sous vide cooking into their food business because it requires far much preparation work and cleanup, as well as the fact that it creates consistently cooked meals regardless of the dish being prepared. 

The sous vide method works by vacuum-sealing food into an airtight bag and then submerging it into a preheated water bath in a larger cooking vessel. As the food cooks, it releases its natural flavors and juices, but those juices remain in the bag with the prepared dish. As the food continues to cook, it’s better able to absorb those flavors and also allows the dish to become especially tender. This cooking method requires very minimal preparation work because many flavoring additions such as marinades or seasonings aren’t typically required. There is also very minimal cleanup work because the sous vide prepared meals come prepackaged and precooked, meaning all that you have to do is heat them and serve them! 

Benefits Associated with Sous Vide Prepared Meals for Your Business

Today, sous vide prepared meals have become especially popular in food-related business industries such as restaurants, travel, hospitality, catering, event venues, and even retail. There are many benefits associated with sous vide food when used in commercial industries such as the fact that it saves kitchens time and money, that it provides kitchens with delicious and healthy alternatives to offer their guests, and it helps to eliminate overcooking and waste in kitchens. 

Saves Kitchens Time

Sous vide prepared meals help to save kitchens an ample amount of time in terms of food preparation, the cooking process, and the cleanup involved. Sous vide prepared meals come precooked and prepackaged. They can be stored in the freezer until you intend to use them, and when you do, all that’s required is heating them and serving them. There is absolutely no preparation work on your staff’s end in terms of the sous vide prepared meals, and very minimal to no cleanup is required, as well. 

Saves Kitchens Money

Sous vide prepared meals also help to save your kitchen money. As previously mentioned, the meals come fully cooked and packaged, meaning that there is no room for error in your preparation of the dish. Error is one of the single biggest contributors to kitchen’s losing money. When food is incorrectly prepared, it requires the food to be sent back to the kitchen and then another dish be prepared in its place. Over time, this builds up to quite a large chunk of change and can cost your kitchen thousands of extra dollars each year. However, sous vide prepared meals eliminate that margin of error, thus helping to save your kitchen money in the long run.

Offers Healthier Alternatives

Sous vide prepared meals are extremely delicious, but also extremely nutritious. When it comes to preparing healthy and delicious meals, sous vide is the gold standard. As the food is vacuum sealed in pouches and cooked at a low temperature, it helps the dish retain its natural moisture, flavor, and nutrients. This allows the meals to maintain their natural flavor and integrity and also to be far more nutritious and healthier than they would be when cooked using alternative cooking methods. Healthy dishes make for a great addition to any menu, and your guests are bound to love them just the same. 

Eliminates Overcooking and Waste

Sous vide prepared meals also help to eliminate overcooking and waste. As previously mentioned, when cooking meals using alternative cooking methods there is a large margin for error. This means that dishes can oftentimes become overcooked, and customers are more likely to send them back. When food is sent back, it’s typically thrown out and wasted. 

Another common issue kitchens face is the fact that they need to use their meats, produce, and other ingredients in a specific timeframe, otherwise they will go bad. Once they go bad, they are thrown out and thus also wasted. However, with sous vide prepared meals, the dishes are precooked and can be frozen and used at a later date. This helps to eliminate another large contributor of waste within many restaurants and other food-related services today.

Sous vide prepared meals make for the perfect addition to your industry’s menu. Not only are guests bound to love them, but you’ll also be saving yourself time and money in the long run!


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