May 13, 2017

Hummus: Mix Chickpeas with Tahina, Lemon and Olive Oil...

Simple but glorious, Hummus has become the darling dip for vast populations of foodies throughout Europe, America and Canada. It has long been a staple dish in Lebanese cuisine and is iconic of the healthy-yet-yummy essence of Lebanese food.   ‘Hummus’ is the Arabic word for chickpea and thus the name for the dip in which this humble legume takes center stage. Tahini, lemon and olive oil bring the Hummus dip to life. (Video created by Semsom)

Chickpeas are as versatile as they are nutritious - a super-healthy source of protein and satisfying alternative to meat. High in fiber they also balance blood sugar levels, providing both a healthy digestive tract and preventing the unwelcome ups and downs that imbalances in blood sugar bring.  They contain monounsaturated fats – the fats that are friends to our bodies, preventing weight gain! Apart from this, these fats have been shown to decrease risk of breast cancer, reduce cholesterol and limit risk of heart disease. So not only is it an impulsive response to eat loads of hummus in one sitting, it’s not going to harm more than heal you! 

Chickpeas are healing beans – generous in manganese content for bone development and wound healing. They are brain beans too – containing folate - aiding brain cell communication and healthy cell growth and as such preventing abnormalities that can be cancerous. Add to this the iron content of tahini (something chickpeas are also high in) and you’ll be energized on top of being nourished. Providing a richness of flavor, Tahini is rich in calcium, and vitamins E and B1, 2, 3, 5 and 15.

Hummus is also versatile – taking on color and flavor from whatever you might fancy blending with it. Hummus is as vast as your imagination – mix it up in any way to treat your body and soul!

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