May 30, 2020

International Hamburger Day 2020: Celebrating with a Live Feed on Youtube. Fun in Our Kitchen

On International Hamburger Day, we decided to share with you 10 different kinds of Burgers! Helped by our friend Mazen Zeidan, we spent more than one hour in the kitchen, enjoying our time and having fun... Are you ready? Check the video below.

Chef Mazen 

Nell Cooks

Frozen Australian Angus Beef Burger, delivered by Dekerco

28th of May is a Big Day

History of Hamburger Day


The invention of the hamburger has been claimed by so many that there’s only one real origin. Hamburg, Germany. No matter who says they invented the hamburger, no one can deny that it was the second-largest city in Germany that was its namesake. While not all types of ‘burgers’ resemble the meat that came out of Hamburg, they all have the roots of their preparation in this noble city. Hamburgers have come to be a symbol of all that is right in the world in the modern-day. Barbecue’s where families gather, surprise rewards by your boss, a quick bite to eat on your lunchbreak or the first date shared with a new potential partner. All of these things can, and often do, include the hamburger in any one of a million of its potential preparations. Burgers no longer are made from just beef either, these days you can find Turkey Burgers, Buffalo Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Emu Burgers, any of a million forms of meat all ground down and compacted into this most recognizable form, the ‘hamburger.’ Who would have thought that such a simple meal could come to represent so many things? One of the most interesting things about hamburgers isn’t actually about the burger itself, believe it or not, there are actually people out there dedicated to finding out the truth about who really invented the hamburger.


If we track back to the beginning and look at the namesake Hamburg, where the burger undoubtedly gained its name, there are many people who think the burger was created in 1881 by a gentleman named Otto Kuase or Otto Krause. On the other hand, the Library of Congress would have you believe something else. It seems the US audience seemed to favor the story of Louis Lassen in 1900. The popular story goes that a businessman was in a rush and wanted some food in a hurry. Louis is said to have placed a piece of grilled meat in between two pieces of toast and thus invented the burger.


Where this story gets interesting is here, the US disregards Otto Krause simply because his name has three different spellings, which is common with German names. As for the Lassen story, well, when it comes to putting grilled meat in between two pieces of toast, he was pretty late to the party, it seems the Chinese had been doing that since 1045. So whether you believe it’s Otto, Lassen, or the people of the Zhou dynasty, there is no question hamburgers are one of the greatest creations in history, and Hamburger Day is something that will go on for centuries to come.


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