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Abo Jad Aley: Sandwiches Worth Trying!
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Last year while visiting Aley for a Mechwar episode, we passed by Abo Jad. The man behind the famous "Ya Wayli" and "Ma Terham" sandwiches. Meat, chicken, fatayel and a special shawarma once a week. Two men work here calmly while the sound of the television adds some mood.


Abo Jad has opened a restaurant in Kuwait. From Aley to Kuwait, his chefs are handling the local eatery.

Small and calm, it's only visited by connoisseurs. An accustomed clientele comes here for fresh sandwiches made with Lebanese or French bread depending on the content. Some are toasted others not, all are enjoyed as they are.

When sandwiches are out of stock, a banner is placed on the large board. "Allah Jaber of Ma Fi or Men Chway Ken Akher Wahad or Samhouna Kholso or Ma Twakhzouna".


The same grill, proportional with the place's size, handles the whole batch of items. Meat, chicken, soujok or onions, everything goes on the grill at the same time.

  • Ya Wayli; sesame with a load of juicy chicken tawouk, crunchy pickles, lettuce and lots of mayonnaise before toasting the sandwich. The sesame makes all the difference.
  • The steak sandwich: Even though made of two layers of bread, the sauce makes all the difference, adding a rich and intense taste before reaching the tender meat.
  • Fatayel: Cubes of meat mixed with huge chunks of onions and served with crunchy pickles. It's the sauces, Abo Jad's mixes, that make all the difference. A tender bread, freshly baked the same morning, and the thrilling filling.
  • Ma Terham: French bread left as is without toasting and filled with crunchy Doritos chips, tender chunks of marinated tawouk and spells of spiciness. That's the signature, it's a different kind of chicken sandwich and one you'll enjoy trying.
  • Chicken liver: Usually chicken liver is not heated, but this one just works perfectly! Super juicy, intense, acidic and sweet, the flavors are felt before even reaching the tender chicken. The same smooth bread, the crunchy pickles and flavorful ingredients; the last one is the winner. 


A bit clumsy in the kitchen, no gloves, slow and not as clean without the master himself present, but that doesn't affect the quality and taste of those sandwiches.

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