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Abou Fadi: Malak el Samke el Harra

Phone Number: +961 6 542 111

Address: Batroun Main Road Towards Beirut, Batroun, Lebanon ( 12PM - 12AM)


Price Range: 4-8 $

Samket Abou Fadi: The New Location in Batroun

On your way back from Tripoli towards Batroun, just a few meters after passing the Cheka intersection you'll find Abou Fadi: Malak el Samke el Harra, where fish sandwiches are being served... although in this location for three years, Abou Fadi is a not new in the business. Dubbed the king of "Spicy Fish" Abu Fadi was originally based in Tripoli Mina, a family business established since 1973.
We landed in front of a large place marked by a red sign on which "Abou Fadi Al Sayed, Malak el Samke el Harra" is written. A great first impression... someone opens the door for you and greets you with a smile.
I was not sure what to expect; A 'samke harra' sandwich? I was curious to know more. Abou Fadi serves fish related sandwiches. Choose your liking, pay for it, present the receipt at the counter and watch your sandwich freshly prepared in front of you. I then went directly for the cashier and asked her to give me their two best sandwiches. One grilled fish sandwich and another 'samke harra' (spicy fish) one.
The menu is only based on seafood and a couple other things:
Spicy fish, grilled fish, grilled with coriander, samak bizri, octopus, shrimps, calamari, makanek, fries, chicken tawouk, chicken liver, salad and hummus.
Fore LBP5,000 each, you will get a sandwich that's fulfilling and generously filled with fish, lettuce and tomatoes. A huge sandwich wrapped around an immense quantity of fish, a mountain of lettuce and a handful of tomatoes. For only LBP5,000 I discovered a sandwich that's light, tasty and perfect for a lunch meal.
Folks in the city of Tripoli/Mina in Lebanon are well known for their seafood . And on top of the pyramid lays “Samke Harra.” Translated from Arabic, it simply means spicy fish.  This is a specialty dish where a lightly lemon-marinated fish is baked, then covered with a mouth-watering sauce made with Tahini paste (roasted sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic and spices. For those who are not familiar with Tahini, it’s a paste made from crushing/blending roasted sesame seeds.
  • The grilled fish sandwich: Who cares if it's fresh or frozen fish. It's only LBP5,000 and it's tasty. Inside a soft Lebanese bread is a layer of fish, another of lettuce and a third of tomatoes. Topping that is garlic sauce which I asked to be removed. A huge sandwich that's so generously filled that its hard to wrap. Juicy fish, perfectly cleaned, fresh and crunchy vegetables and here you are eating something simple and enjoyable. I'll come back for it.
  • The Samke 7arra: This is the big thing; The spicy fish sandwich is excellent. We know it as being a sauce served with grilled fish but here things are different. A prepared mix of fish, tarator and spices which the owner himself fills in a sandwich then toasts for couple minutes. The journey starts by a crunchy feel followed by the richness of a generously filled sandwich where a dozen flavors, perfectly mixed together will put a smile on your face. I never imagined a Samke Harra sandwich, never imagined something like Abou Fadi even existed. To enjoy something other than a shawarma or the conventional meat sandwiches, this is a innovation you have to try. A juicy filling like a fish pâté, with some crunchy fresh lettuce and slices of  Lebanese tomatoes. Unfortunately for me, inside the mix was some hidden garlic but I couldn't resist having some.
I was happy to discover an address like this one. Today's visit was quick, standing in front of the counter for a first discovery which I really enjoyed. I'll surely be coming back for more choices, maybe the octopus or the shrimps sandwhiches... Or maybe the platter to check out what it looks like.
Traveling back to Beirut from Tripoli,  stop halfway for a tasty bite. Abou Fadi is easy to find.
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