June 28, 2016

Always Believe in What You Do: A Special Recognition to Anthony Rahayel from Live Achrafieh

Never doubt that your hard work will go unrecognized. Never doubt that your individual efforts, no matter how small or big, will make a change around you. Believe in yourself, believe in your mission and keep looking ahead. I was given a special recognition during Live Achrafieh this past weekend by Minister of Tourism, Michel Pharaon. It was an emotional moment indeed.


In the past four years I have been working quietly to create change in my country Lebanon... with time I came across a number of people who stood by me, saw my dream, my vision and helped take things further. Starting with NogarlicNoOnions, to publishing a book on Lebanon by night, to making a weekly show on different towns in Lebanon each week, to starting Souk el Akel, the only street food market, to coming up with The BOX, that brings a little part of our precious Lebanon to your doorsteps... and more to come...

The ride has and is and will continue to be an amazing. The journey ahead is endless and my aim is making a difference in Lebanon, changing how people see our little haven on this earth...

Seeing what I accomplished, with everyone around me, at a glance up there in a huge screen have me goose bumps. I would like to thank everyone who have helped me reach here, thank you Joseph, without you I wouldn't have made such a difference in Lebanon.

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