October 01, 2017 Bickfaya Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mechwar to the Mountain City of Bickfaya: A Day to Remember (Watch the Video)

Bikfaya (Arabic: بكفيا‎‎, also spelled Bickfaya, Beckfayya, or Bekfaya) is a town in the Matn District region of Mount Lebanon. Its stone houses with red-tiled roofs resting amidst pine and oak forests make Bikfaya one of the most sought-after suburbs of Beirut and one of Lebanon's most popular summer resorts.

The name Bikfaya is contraction of the Aramaic (Syriac) compound phrase "Beit Kiifa", with "Kifayya" being the relative adjective of the word "rock" or "stone" in Aramaic. And so, Bikfaya would mean the "house of stone" or "the rocky/stony house" with the semantic connotation of "the place, location of stones, or stone quarry."

Bikfaya is nestled in the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean with an elevation ranging from 900 to 1000 meters above sea level. It lies 25 km from Beirut and only a short drive to the Mzaar-Kfardebian ski resort. Summers in Bikfaya are cool and characterized by periods of fog in the afternoon. The Greater Bikfaya consists of the towns of Bikfaya بكفيا, Mhaydseh المحيدثة, Sakiyat al Mesek ساقية المسك, Bhersaf بحرصاف and Al Aayroun العيرون.

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