August 19, 2021

Best Locations To Eat Luxury Seafood on the East Coast

If you’re a seafood-lover, then check out the best locations to eat luxury seafood on the East Coast and find out what draws people to these incredible locales.

If you’re a seafood-lover, it should come as no surprise that the Eastern Seaboard houses some of the most spectacular seafood in the country. Allow us to walk you through the best locations to eat luxury seafood on the East Coast so that you can discover everything these destinations have to offer. You may want to add a few of them to your list!

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

If you’re a luxury seafood–lover looking for a shellfish haven, Chesapeake Bay is an excellent place to indulge yourself. With a rich history of boating, fishing, and traditional seafood cuisine, this coastal town is home to some of the freshest, most exquisite oysters, clams, and crabs the East Coast has to offer. If you’re a crab-lover, you can crack open a gorgeous blue crab at one of Chesapeake Bay’s famed crab houses. Or, if you’re more of a fish fan, you can easily find local favorites such as stuffed rockfish at various local haunts. Whatever your proclivity for luxury seafood, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, has got you covered.

Georgetown, Maine

Of course, Maine is widely known for its plump and juicy lobsters. Georgetown offers up the world’s largest crustacean in various creative and delicious ways. If your preference is casual yet authentic dining with a shoreline view, you can hit Georgetown’s world-famous lobster company. Or, if you’re craving a delicious seafood chowder and lobster po’boy, you can take a stroll down to the wharf and choose from a wide selection of restaurants with a focus on top-tier seafood. Additionally, if you happen to be in Georgetown but aren’t craving lobster, you can find plenty of other fabulous cuisines such as seafood pasta and fish fry.

Charleston, South Carolina

A little farther down the Eastern Seaboard, Charleston, South Carolina, is a charming Southern town known for its Victorian homes and superb seafood. Charleston is also renowned for its incredibly fresh Atlantic shrimp and its various crab shacks, which offer gourmet twists on traditional Southern cuisines such as shrimp and grits, fried fish, and crab soup. Of course, if you’re looking to indulge in something delicious yet a little less refined, you can also find courses such as the seafood tower, with lobster, shrimp, oysters, and mussels piled high.

Key West, Florida

Like our other destinations, Key West is known for its mind-boggling seafood cuisine. And while you can still satiate your hunger for luxury seafood, the dishes you’ll find in Key West are a lot more adventurous than those of other locales. For instance, if you’re looking to try something unique, you can visit the numerous Key West eateries that offer specialties such as frittered and ceviche-style conch. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more familiar, you can revel in sustainably sourced stone crab. So, if you’re looking for a side of adventure with your opulent seafood, Key West, Florida, is a great destination.

As you can see, so many wonderful East Coast locales specialize in seafood, each with something unique and marvelous to offer even the most particular seafood-lover. Hopefully, our quick guide on the best locations to eat luxury seafood on the East Coast has given you a few new foodie destinations to add to your bucket list.

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