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Cakes&Cookies Maamoul: "La Recette de ma Mere"

I always wondered how hard it was to produce mammoul, how much time and dedication it needed... This Easter season, I made it a point to try as many mammoul as I could, diving into the world of those authentic sweets.


I arrived at the atelier while an organized beehive was working meticulously in the kitchen. The ladies were preparing the cakes while two chefs, Gaby and Ali, were helping each other with the Tamer (dates) maamoul. Ali prepares the balls while Gaby molds them. "Its a recipe I learned from my mother, Nada tells me".

Tamer maamoul at Cakes&Cookies are small in size and are filled with homemade tamer paste stuffed inside a fluffy, sandy dough. Before giving you my impressions I have to tell you about a bizarre fact I personally didn’t know. I tried one fresh Tamer maamoul, which had something missing in the dough, followed by one baked last night and boy, you can't imagine the difference. It seems maamoul needs to rest a bit for the dough to homogenize.


I have to say, I liked the Tamer maamoul at Cakes&Cookies. Small in shape, enjoyed in two quick bites. A flaky dough that crumbles under the teeth dissipating like sand while the filling adds the sweetness you need. A paste carefully prepared with a number of additives to add texture and flavor. I loved it, but would add sugar powder on top to have an adequate sweetness that will leave a lasting taste around the mouth.

Pistachio followed. The same sandy dough, sugar powder on top and chunks of green pistachio filling the core. I liked their size, good for two full bites, and enjoyed the fresh sandy dough and the filling that's simple and uncomplicated.

The walnut ones are as good as the pistachio. The chunks' size is great. A good dough, interesting sweetness and a crunchy texture, also with sugar.


Best for last... Cakes&Cookies have their almond maamoul. Smoothly crushed almonds mixed with sugar placed in a flaky dough. The almonds have a color close to that of the dough and a texture that’s also very close to it. The mix is really amazing. I'd order Maamoul from here just for those.

Sitting in the corner of the kitchen, I was happily tasting and writing while the chefs continued their production. Beautiful pictures I have, inspirations and appetizing smells. Two hours passed very quickly so I decided to wear my gloves and give Maamoul production a try.

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