October 06, 2015 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Carpaccio Pizza: Highly Recommended Delivery
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I felt like having lunch at work so I ordered from Carpaccio Pizza. I ordered the Calzone and the Regina Pizza. Two large boxes arrived in less than half an hour to the clinic. The smell made my stomach growl even more…


The Calzone is huge. It looks like a super giant sambousik and because it's closed the filling stays very hot. Thin dough, that's a bit chewy, is filled with cheese, tomato sauce and herbs. It is tasty indeed. It doesn’t feel Lebanese, nor Italian. It’s what it is – light and unpretentious. 

Back to the Calzone: I loved it so much and this addictive taste it has. Beautifully rolled borders, a Los of fresh and juicy ingredients... It's yummy specially when you order it at work and don't expect it to amaze you.


The Regina is even better. Tomato sauce that's very tasty and doesn't contain garlic and has a light sweetness to it, topped with pieces of thickly cut ham, fresh mushrooms and lots of goat cheese and blue cheese and black olives and b. I love how the dough leaves flour dust on your fingers… I enjoyed the crunchy border; it’s very thin dough and premium ingredients. 

Goat cheese, tomato sauce, ham, fresh vegetables and the dough, this pizza is really good specially when delivered.


Already six delivery orders in the last two weeks and all were simply great. Healthy, thin, light, crispy and tasty. I'll give it a try if I were you.

Good quality, crispy dough and reasonable prices.

Carpaccio Pizzeria, Naccache main road next to Carpaccio Delicatessen: +961-4-418928

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