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Casper & Gambini's: Delivering Breakfast to the Office
Morning Delights Get it Delivered

Phone Number: +961250888

Address: Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 25-50 $

It's been a while since C&G launched their new delivery menu, but I got the chance only now to actually try it. Spending the day at the office on my laptop, I thought to myself, "today feels like a C&G morning".


A beautiful menu printed in color on thick carton proposes a selection of food for breakfast and brunch, sides to share, homemade soups, sushi and rolls, fresh salads, light salads, sandwiches and spreads, light sandwiches and hot sandwiches, handcrafted burgers, traditional pizzas, homemade pastas and house specials. The signature desserts follow alongside some beverage blends.

What I like about this menu is its genuine feel and professionalism. Every dish is well explained with realistic images. You actually feel like you're ordering at the restaurant itself.

The menu starts with a note.

"Foreign affair: When a fish leaves our kitchen we do not rest until we are assured it finds you well. Be it on your dining room table or on your office desk. Our packaging and delivery procedures are designed with utmost dedication to ensure that our dishes constantly live up to your standards and satisfy you well, wherever they roam." Ends with another note. "A note from the heart; our thanks goes to you, clients old and new. Your demand, challenges and feedback have pushed us to go ahead and improve dynamically. Working hard, aiming higher, and evolving with you. We thank you for your loyalty and trust. We couldn't have achieved any of our success without you. Every day we look forward to serving you better."

Indeed, Casper has evolved to the better. My latest reviews were all good, better than I expected. Let's try their delivery to check out the time, packaging and taste of the experience.


I am enjoying breakfast today. Let's order:

  • Sweet croissant LBP3,500: Nutella, crème pâtissière or raspberry jam.
  • Labneh Manousheh LBP9,750: farm-fresh labneh with extra virgin olive oil, fresh cucumbers, mint and thyme, served with freshly-baked thyme labneh flat bread.
  • Gambini's Omelette LBP12,750: Swiss cheese with crispy bacon and homemade herb roasted potatoes, served with buttered artisanal bread.
  • C&G egg special LBP7,500: the legendary egg sandwich, a splash of mayo with tomatoes, crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh herbs and cracked pepper on freshly baked multi-grain baguette.


Two thumbs up for a delicious breakfast:

  • The egg sandwich is really excellent. A generous sandwich loaded with eggs, mayonnaise and tomatoes. It's light and tasty at the same time. Excellent bread quality and enjoyable end result.
  • The special egg platter is awesome! I can't congratulate you enough for the perfectly cooked eggs I received with two slices of toasted pain de mie, dried tomatoes and roasted potatoes on the side. I loved the quality of bacon, the delicious texture and taste of the eggs… I'll surely recommend it to all my friends.
  • A special mankousheh covered with a powder like brown wheat or semolina exactly like Domino's and Tomatomatic pizza. I was never a fan of their mankoushe and especially when delivered. It's hard and the zaatar is too strong, acidic and slightly bitter. I enjoyed the labneh and olive oil, black olives as well as the mint leaves, but the mankoushe could be better.
  • A lovely croissant... a flaky croissant, lightly buttery, airy inside out and stuffed with creamy Nutella. I loved the dough, the quantity of chocolate added inside and the quality of dough - not chewy. Try the jam croissant; I'm positively impressed! I loved it...


I loved it! Good value for money, neat packaging, generous portions and beautiful plates. I'm repeating the experience soon.





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