June 21, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Clément: The Croissant!
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Phone Number: +961 3 753 563

Address: Zahle, Bekaa, Lebanon ( 08:00AM - 08:00PM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/clementchasseursdesaveurs/

Price Range: 15-55 $

Babas a L’Arak: Love, Passion and Patriotism in a Jar

This morning I received two classy white boxes with a unique logo and my name printed on it. It was a special delivery from the Bekaa, Clément has sent me their croissants to enjoy. And their not just any croissants.

I opened the box and laid my eyes on beautifully looking croissants, of all sizes and shapes, handcrafted with dedication and love - that's what Clément is known for.

A bit about Clément. He is the man behind all photos posted at the airport, Clément Tannouri was the first to take photos of our beautiful country from the air before drones even existed. Beautiful and inspirational photos showing the true side of Lebanon.

Today Clément has followed his passion, starting with his photo shooting business and followed with making unique croissants. It's from "Chasseur d'instants" to "Chasseur de Saveurs". His croissant are now famous all over the net and it was time for me to try them.


What I loved are the combinations and choices: Chard, plain, olives, meat, kawarma, apple, spinach, pizza, Zaatar, tomato and much more. New to the world of croissants, Clément has taken it to the next level.

Heavy in weight, full bodied and crispy on the outside, Clement's croissant are inspired by the west European way of producing this world famous breakfast treat. They're crunchy on the outside, richly buttery without being fatty, flaky and chewy-tender on the inside. You'll find tomato and basil, cheese, zaatar or chocolate... and every croissant has its unique characteristic. Each dough is rolled endless times around itself hosting a hearty generous filling. I like the biscuity crunch followed by the middle enjoyment. Yum! He even has a meat stuffed one!

Rich, as buttery as they should be, with amazing combinations, these croissant are flaky, fresh, taste heavenly but lack some airiness. They're heavily breaded and fulfilling, when I think that they should feel lighter allowing them to melt under the teeth smoothly.


Wait until you've tried the kawarma, made by Clément, it so tender and moist, it feels like aged Australian beef. My favorite is the chocolate croissant that includes two thick lines of dark chocolate. Clement's croissants surely use the finest of ingredients and know how which is felt in every single bite but I personally expect them to be lighter in weight and bread content.

Good to know: All croissants are vegan except the pizza and kawarma.

Best for last, the raisin roll is not to be missed! Croissant by Clément are surely a must try.

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