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Roadster vs. Crepaway: Which is Better? The Second Detailed Comparison

Seven months have passed by since the first comparison made between Roadster and Crepaway. Here we are again, reviewing the same exact items ordered from two of Lebanon's favorite diners. With a bunch of my friends, all of whom are fans of Crepaway and Roadster, gathered around for a night-in of delivery - to compare which diner is better starting with the delivery time, prices, variety, portion sizes and of course taste. Back in February 20, 2013 Roadster won the competition by few points....


Most of us agree that the two best diners in Lebanon are Roadster and Crepaway. They have both been around for more than ten years and have opened many branches across Lebanon, offering the country the most professional and tasty American creations. Many have tried to copy their concept with no avail.  Of course, being the two best diners, they have suffered their share of rumors with diverged opinions. Which one of these two diners is better than the other? Do they both have the same pricing system? Do they offer the same menus? Do they have the same level of professionalism? Which one is tastier and fresher? Before we start, some slight differences to look out for:

  • Both diners have state of the art phone applications
  • Both do not have an online ordering system; you should call to make your order
  • Crepaway’s application supports iPhone 5 while Roadster’s application is still not updated and shows two black lines around the screen (Same issue that was present back in February)
  • Crepaway proposes Pizzas (4 choices) and Crepes (8 choices) which Roadster doesn't offer
  • Roadster on the other hand has Quesadillas (3 choices) which Crepaway doesn't offer
  • Roadster has the 220g burgers category; as for Crepaway they call it the quarter pounder upgrade
  • Roadster and Crepaway promise to deliver the order in 30 minutes and they usually do so

Roadster_vs_Crepaway_NoGarlicNoOnions_Comparison2 The comparison procedure:

  1. Open both iPhone applications to check and compare items here and there
  2. Choose some of the same items available on the two menus to order them for an adequate comparison (Sandwich, Salad, Burger and Dessert)
  3. Note the order time, speed of delivery, attentiveness, friendliness
  4. Receive the orders and check on the packaging, portion sizes and presentation
  5. Take pictures, document and taste
  6. Decide on the winner

Roadster_vs_Crepaway_NoGarlicNoOnions_Comparison_Delivery1 We ordered:

  • --- Crepaway: 124,250L.L ---
  • Appetizers Combo 23,750L.L A sizzling assortment of tasty tenders, calamari rings, mozzarella sticks, taquitos, cheese garlic bread & twister fries
  • Chicken Caesar Salad 14,250L.L Romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing, topped with garlic croutons & slices of Parmesan
  • Rasta Pasta Salad 12,500L.L Fusilli pasta, tuna, grated carrot, sweet corn, fresh mushrooms, olives & cherry tomatoes, served with lemon mayo dressing
  • Spielmozzarella 10,750L.L 100% Black Angus beef with double Edam cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce & the famous Crepaway cocktail sauce
  • Queen's burger 12,750L.L 100% Black Angus beef with double cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms & a special burger sauce
  • Chicken Sub 12,250L.L: Classic! 150g of marinated & grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, fresh mushrooms & pickles on garlic mayo spread
  • Submarine 10,500L.L Cheese, ham, salami, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles & mint on our special mayo spread
  • Crepaway Club 15,750L.L Legendary triple decker with roast beef, chicken & your choice of ham or turkey on mustard mayo spread with cheese, avocado, boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato & pickles
  • Holy Molly 9,000L.L Shortbread toffee crumbs & peanuts on vanilla ice cream covered with a rich chocolate ganache


  • --- Roadster: 127,250L.L ---
  • Super Sampler 23,000L.L A combination of Chicken Strips, Buffalo Wings, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings and Skin-on Fries.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad 14,500L.L The Classic Caesar, topped with char-grilled chicken.
  • Pasta 'N' Cheese Salad 12,500L.L Pasta mix, cheese, lettuce, fresh mushrooms and corn.
  • Diner-mite burger 11,500L.L Patty, breaded mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Cocktail sauce.
  • Swiss Mushroom 11,500L.L Patty,  grilled onions,  Swiss cheese and Rd Mushroom sauce.
  • Chicken Sandwich 12,250L.L French bread, grilled chicken breast, fries, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Aïoli sauce.
  • RD Submarine 12,000L.L French bread, ham, salami, cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, olives and mayo.
  • Crispy Club 19,250L.L Rd mix of chicken dices, lettuce, pickles and light mayo in two layers of Pain de Mie along with boiled eggs slices and your choice of turkey, ham or bacon.
  • Marbled Mud Pie 10,750L.L Chunks of brownies in ice cream cake, topped with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.
The Roadster's application has still not been updated, so pay attention while ordering. The prices have a 10% increase that can make a difference...


The pre-eating: Calling, Ordering and Delivery: Roadster:

  • An answering machine reminds you that the conversation is recorded
  • An operator answers and welcomes you with his name
  • No credit card is accepted but an internal card system that works with all banks
  • Seeing the phone number on his screen the operator reconfirmed the address
  • Garlic or mayonnaise? Bacon or ham? Which dressing? Are questions asked meticulously
  • The operator repeated the order
  • Order was delivered in exactly 30 minutes as promised
  • To end the conversation, the operator asked if I have the menu and sent a copy of it
  • Call duration 4 minutes


  • The call was not recorded
  • An operator answers and welcomes you with his name
  • The operator repeated the order then asked if we need money change
  • The operator forgot to ask if we needed a menu
  • Garlic or mayonnaise? Bacon or ham? Which dressing? Are questions asked meticulously
  • Credit card machines are accepted but was not working that day, like most days
  • Call duration 3 minutes and 12 seconds
  • Order was delivered in 45 minutes because the driver lost the way


The first impression is good for both diners that send the orders in paper bags filled with boxes. The order is separated into different bags according to food temperature and box sizes. As previously discussed in February, Roadster is still the winner with its better and more generous packaging, even though Crepaway's improvement is clear. The appetizers combo now comes in a box with compartments and the burgers have new carton boxes but the sandwiches are still delivered without boxes.

Roadster:Crepaway Food Comparison

The food conclusion: "Crepaway wins this round"

  • Roadster: Roadster diner has been known for its unique creations. The Super Sampler, the 220g Burgers along with their unique breakfast have been the talk of town since its inception, over a decade ago. But something has clearly changed. The chicken quality is seriously not good, the burger meat is over commercial, fatty and chewy, and the bread used in the sandwiches is chewy and far from being fresh and crunchy. As for the pasta salad, it has 80% lettuce and a bit of pasta and cheese. Out of 9 items ordered today, only the dessert is still what it used to be since Roadster's first days. Something is not right and should be looked into. That's for the food. Taking Roadster's professionalism of service, they definitely win "the best of Lebanon" award. By the way, why are you still using the Clorets printed packages if Clorets is not a sponsor since a long time now?
  • Crepaway: The improvement is like a dream. The Rasta Pasta is a very big winner, the burger buns are amazingly fresh, the meat is so juicy reflecting the Angus beef quality, the sandwiches filling taste is unique, the bread is warm, fresh and crunchy and the appetizers combo is a hundred times better than the one we tried in February even though Roadster's is still an all time favourite. With some packaging improvements, Crepaway has a flourishing future. Crepaway wins the food part.

Roadster vs. Crepaway September 2013

CREPAWAY 160/200: Winner of best food and cheaper price

ROADSTER 152/200: Winner of best delivery service


I would personally improve:
  • Roadster: Focus on the food part as much as you do on customer service. Stop using frozen meat for the burgers and look into the quality of chicken. Revisit the salads using less lettuce and more premium ingredients. As for the sandwiches bread, they are far from being fresh. Prepared on the early hours of the morning and left aside until delivered twelve hours later.
  • Crepaway: You should be more generous with your dips and dressings. We received 10 from Roadster and only 2 from Crepaway. "Sending dips in a special bag like roadster, is a must". Sandwiches should all be filled in carton boxes and not only wrapped in paper. One of the sauces spilled in the bag spoiling a sandwich.. And the most important note to make here: "It's not acceptable for delivery drivers to miss call customers for the address. Just call and get reimbursed by the company."
The Verdict: The time has come where Lebanon's favorite diners have reached a point close to perfection. Both have learned from each others improving to the utmost levels. Which is better? Each one of us has a favourite and that is understandable. And finally, I ask all consumers to chill out and accept that mistakes do happen sometimes from both sides. Don't be too quick to judge...

Roadster Vs. Crepaway: February 2013





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