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Dukanah: A Traditional Experience in Muscat
Authentic & Traditional

Traditionally Omani, Dukanah is a local restaurant transporting to the era of our ancestors. Build around a traditional local setup decorated with wood and clay walls; you feel the vibes of an old Omani house with its wooden tables relaxing sofas, stone benches, and jute curtains. Food is served in traditional pots on special felt trays used up in the village.


Wood decorates the ceiling; a door takes you to the next seating space, a bar, a space to wash your hands... a traditional Omani house like you see it in movies.

Loubyeh which is, in fact, Fasouliya, a portion of beans cooked in tomato sauce and served with local bread, cucumbers, green olives, feta cheese and nestle concentrated nestle milk. Couldn’t eat the beans due to their garlic content but loved the cheese.

Enjoyed my tea but not the cold dried lemon; too sweet with a bizarre flavor.


The dessert trays have a portion of fried balls (loukaymat), fruits, three creamy desserts served in coffee cups. Too gooey, too much cardamom everywhere and the lookaymat are way too sweet and unpleasantly chewy.

I asked for water, simply water which I expected to receive in a closed plastic bottle instead it is served in a jug which you can’t see the content; is it clean? Why was the bottle opened if this is bottled water anyway?


I’ve been to Oman several times appreciating and admiring this culture, I remember food to be awesome but unfortunately not at Dulanah. Blunt, the food lacks passion, technic, and love. 

PS: toilets access faces the tables and main dining space without any separation. Expect to hear the sounds coming from there and smell the odors every time one opens the door.

Not impressed is the verdict; there is nothing exceptional that will make me come back.

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