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Manouchet El Khal, Mazraat Yachouh: It's Addictive!
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

There's a big center in Mazraat Yachouh, called Au Carrefour. On the lower side of this big center, you will find a small a small shop. Clean and simple, 3al Barakeh offers a super varied menu of unique sandwiches like no other. He transformed the known Markouk bread into mouth-watering sandwiches - all produced from scratch in his kitchens. You name it from labneh, zaatar, kaftan, eggs, kawarma, tuna, kechek, chocolate, potato, Soujok, cheese and more, be prepared to taste the authentic flavors of the village prepared by the man himself.

"Ahla bel chabeb..." Al Khal welcomes me with a smile.

The formula is simple yet innovative. Al Khal prepares his own markouk bread that he keeps at a certain thickness that doesn't break if rolled into a sandwich. You have to see how he massages it and caresses it, putting into it some passionate spells... The dough first goes on the saj to be slightly cooked... Afterwards, he fills it with rich ingredients, adds the needed seasoning, some freshly cut vegetables and sends it back and put it back on the saj to be cooked then rolled in style - and the outcome is large 30cm sandwiches that will satisfy any craving.

My favorites include the eggs and potatoes, labneh and vegetables as well as their homemade kafta... Impressive simple sandwiches that are very tasty.

While waiting to be served, Al Khal's creates positive a positive ambiance with full energy will. While in there, you'll automatically forget the day's stress. And that's not all.


You will hear Al Khal recite some poems -  Arabic poems that are handwritten over the walls of his little haven.   When asked what's the best item found in his humble eatery, he answers: "My lovely visitors are the best thing here."   "A happy customer makes me happy, while those who come in with a negative attitude are not welcome here," he adds.

Be prepared to taste the best of everything, he claims. He's right - all sandwiches served are unique and different from the ones found in town. If you live far, it's worth driving all the way up to enjoy his sandwiches.

Words won't describe the experience. I'll let you watch the video that will definitely put a smile on your face. Now, meet Al Khal... who creates poems and stories for everyone to enjoy.

"Men ghazzi el wa7ad, jasadiyan wa fekriyan"

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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