June 06, 2013

Fight No More with “Flatshare” Fridge

"Who ate my apple?", "Who drank my last soda?"Sounds familiar? Sharing a fridge with flatmates or colleagues at work can sometimes create friction. Now there's a solution... Check out this innovative creation of multiple components fridge.


As a part of Electrolux’s Design Lab contest (held annually), Austrian designer Stefan Buchberger created the “Flatshare” fridge. Created as a modular piece for those who live with multiple people per flat– this fridge is made up of multiple components.


Each tetris-type block stacks on top of the other to create individually customizable refrigerators that ultimately stack up to look like a single unit. But in reality, each user has their own privacy and there’s no excuse to eat the last of someone else’s groceries.  

Categories: Food Gadgets Appliances


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