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Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season
Jun 17, 2018

Eat, Meet, Greet and Treat yourself to the very best culinary experiences Lebanon has to offer! At Souk el Akel you'll find edible delights to suit all tastes and…


Souk el Akel: Lebanon's Street Food Market Kicks Its Summer Season





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The Beautiful "Khan el Askar" in Colors


June 12, 2017 | North Lebanon

Khan al Askar, Caravanserai of Soldiers, also known as Khan al Asra, Caravanserai of Hostages and Khan al Hareer, Caravanserai of Silk, was built in Tripoli in the 13th Century to serve as a garrison for the new city. This would explain the mammoth…

Unicorn Frappuccino Makes a Colorful Entrance

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

April 19, 2017 | Spotted Stories

The elusive unicorn from medieval legend has been making a comeback. Once only found in enchanted forests, unicorns have been popping up in social media with shimmering unicorn-themed food and drinks. Now Starbucks is taking the trend to a new level…

La Moka: Get Transported to Venice

Food Gadgets

January 26, 2017

The way we experience a product can often have a profound effect on how it makes us feel. Mondo is a collection of breakfast products designed for people that seek adventure and enjoyment out of the experience, process and ceremony. Youmeus…

Perk Up Your Mornings with a Rainbow Latte


June 21, 2016

We have seen rainbow bagels, rainbow rainbow donuts... It was only a matter of time before this happened. Mason Salisbury (AKA @ibrewcoffee on Instagram), a barista at Las Vegas based coffee shop Sambalatte, has given coffee a whole new colorful…

Color Your Own Oreo Packaging this Holiday

Spotted Stories

November 12, 2015

If you weren't aware, coloring books for adults are enjoying a comeback for their playfulness, creativity and anxiety/stress reduction. But the reason we are mentioning it here is because food brands are picking up on the trend, more so…

New York: One Tree, 40 Different Fruits

Spotted Stories

July 30, 2014

The Tree of 40 Fruit is an ongoing series of hybridized fruit trees by contemporary artist Sam Van Aken. Each unique Tree of 40 Fruit grows over forty different types of stone fruit including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and…

Multi-purpose Cutting and Chopping Board

Food Gadgets

July 09, 2014

Let your inner chef come alive with this elegant Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board with Removable Chopping Mats. Made from bamboo, this multi-purpose cutting and chopping board is naturally anti-microbial and is 16 percent more durable than…

The Ultimate Cookie Spoon

Food Gadgets

June 24, 2014

Cookies and milk are one of the most classic combinations out there. One of the biggest problems facing milk-and-cookie lovers, however, is the milky mess the dunking experience can sometimes become. You lose the cookie, you dip your dirty hands in…

One Good Thing Onions Are Good For: Happy Easter


April 14, 2014 | Popular

It's almost Easter and parents are running around to get some food colorings and stickers to help their kids create the best decorated Easter eggs out there, not to say the strongest... Well, here's an idea for you... that's healthier and cheaper -…

Snack Camera Lens Caps

Spotted Stories

April 07, 2014

I think these were made for me... Snack caps for my camera? Just came across these cute burger and donuts camera caps... After a long day of zooming around and constantly shifting focus from one thing to another your camera lens is beat! Give it…

Hamburger Gourmet: A Book to Have if You Love Burgers

Spotted Stories

April 03, 2014

Reflecting the recent trend for burgers of every stripe and description, Hamburger Gourmet is a colorful book that takes you from the beautiful simplicity of a classic beef burger to the burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa. With…

A $100 Tissue Box? Won't be Wiping My Mouth With These After a Meal

Spotted Stories

March 11, 2014

Part of our everyday lifestyle, tissues have rarely been seen around with luxurious tags. But a Japanese paper company, Daishowa First, has changed that by introducing the world's most expensive tissue box. According to the Daily Mail, the super…

Fight No More with “Flatshare” Fridge


June 06, 2013 | Food Gadgets

"Who ate my apple?", "Who drank my last soda?"Sounds familiar? Sharing a fridge with flatmates or colleagues at work can sometimes create friction. Now there's a solution... Check out this innovative creation of multiple components fridge. As a…

Light Up Your Parties in Colors

Food Gadgets

June 01, 2013

Spice up your party with these color changing LED coasters from Philips. The colors coming from the coasters reflect on your drinks, or whatever you place on them, to create a fun and cool effect. The Lumiware Color Changing Coasters by Philips…

Let's Party - Napkin Cup

Food Gadgets

March 30, 2013

Party snacks, finger foods and Tapas are all becoming more popular as small snacks that are served during cocktail parties... Let's have a colorful one today!     To make eating such snacks easier and more hygenic paper napkins and…

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Limited Editions...


March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day, March 17, is a day where everyone goes green in celebration. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in the whole of Ireland in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades in the…

Flavors and Colors at Maison et Objet: Trends to Look Out For 2013


January 22, 2013

The dining sector has experienced strong growth for several years now. Reinvigorated by the re-found popularity of culinary skills and the collective quest for sociability, it offers an inclusive and inspirational range of products. As kitchens…

The Art of Soup: Andy Warhol's Pop Art Designs on Campbell's


September 05, 2012

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s 1962 famed work, 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, Campbell Soup Company is introducing limited-edition cans of Campbell’s Tomato soup with labels derived from original Warhol artwork. The…

Gummy Bear Ice-Cube Tray

Spotted Stories

August 02, 2012

Make ice in the shape of adorable bears! Tray makes 16 bear ice cubes for your drinks. Gummy Bears are some sweet sweet candy. You can’t get enough of them right? Well, then why not put some Gummy Bears in your drink with this Gummy…

Cocoa&Co: Definitlely a Place to See and Experience


April 20, 2012 | Reviews | Beirut

A colorful haven for cup cakes and cookies lovers awaits you in Achrafieh. Cocoa&Co calls you to come into its world of colors and sweets... You feel like you are walking into a true wonderland, where magic can happen... I had work in the…

Contact Info: Cocoa & Co

Phone Number: +961-1-398574

Address: Achrafieh, Rue Du Liban, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

Phone Number: +961-1-398574

Address: Achrafieh, Rue Du Liban, Beirut, Lebanon [ view ]

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