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Fine Meat Found at The Mercado De Campo De Ourique, Lisbon

After finishing the open tour bus which took us around Lisbon, we met with Amer and Hani, two Lebanese guys living there... Amer is the owner of a new concept in Lisbon that serves fine meat on the go. We all decided to go have lunch together there and discover what Atalho located in Mercado De Campo De Ourique has to offer...
Let's take a tour around The Mercado de Campo de Ourique which has opened just a few months ago doors, a gourmet market where more than 18 different food sellers offer the best of Portugal's food culture.
Open since 1934, the market in the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique was remodeled in 1991 and again in 2013, and continues to offer the fresh fish and vegetables of the day. It also has several shops facing the exterior, and the latest remodeling added tables for the consumption of much of what is sold.  Together with fish, seafood, meat, and fruits, there are also spaces specializing in pastries, pizza and sushi.
The market is open every day until late at night, so it's more than a shopping destination, it's also a place for lunch and dinner.  There's also a wine stand presenting wines and cocktails to accompany the food, served by the bottle or glass.
The many kiosks to choose from :
  • Marisco (seafood specialities)
  • Atalho (fine meat from around the world)
  • Gin corner
  • Os Primos (tacos)
  • Copo D'ourique (wine and champagne bar)
  • Praca Japonesa
  • Cafe do Mercado
  • Jarraria
  • Empadaria
  • Charcutaria Lisboa
  • Casa dos Ovos Moles me lisboa
  • U-Try burgers
  • Oficina do brigadeiro
  • 2 a esquina, petiscaria
  • A frigideiro de bairro
  • Contessa anti pasti
  • Joe's Shak
  • Gelati Chef
We stopped at Atalho, (means footpath in Portuguese) which serves a large variety of meats from around the world. Fine cuts of Angus beef from Scotland, Waguy from Australia, the highest quality German produces and much more. Facing one of the four entrances is Atalho grills a slice after the other with such a finesse that it doesn't even need a sauce to accompany it. Choose to have it on a bun or in a plate and enjoy. The preparations are served with potato wedges which are adequately fried.
Amer, the owner, a Lebanese which has lived all his life in Portugal chose a fine selection for us. An introduction to their produces which gives you an idea of the qualities provided. While ordering, you can't but notice the many cuts of pure red meat and their fat infiltrations. Fine and large steaks where stripes of fat pass from a side to the other. Your head starts imagining them grilled and the sensations they can provide under your teeth.

Picanha, Maminha, Vazia... The choices are many.  

I can assure you that we had excellent quality of meat I've never eaten back in Lebanon. Soft like butter despite the fact that it is well cooked and doesn't have any red juice spilling around. The bread, on another hand is simply unique. Square pieces of bread looking like focaccias, slightly crunchy on the bottom and smoothly spongy adding a feeling of olive oil and a certain finesse to every bite. The meat's juices are absorbed by the bread which becomes rich in flavors and happily enjoyable.
"This is the famous. Local Prego sandwich, that we decided to serve with a gourmet touch since the meat is not the cheap cuts of the market" Amer tells me. Prego no Pao has been the most popular and widely eaten sandwich in Portuguese cuisine for many years. This is not just because it is an easy sandwich to make on the go but because it is also so delicious.
All sandwiches are served with a green sauce like pesto and another white one of mayonnaise and garlic mixed with chives. The green one is called Chimichurri famous in South America. Chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar. Additional flavorings such as paprika,cumin, thyme, lemon, basil, cilantro and bay leaf may be included.
Another food discovery is a meat called pica pau, cut in slices and served next to a bun. The pica pau is also a local dish of meat mixed with a homemade sauce. Pica-pau is a food where the fillings of a francesinha (sausage, steak) are cut into small pieces and served covered with Francesinha sauce. It is called Pica-pau (woodpecker) because people eat it with toothpicks, pecking the small portions. To accompany our lunch, what else than a San Gria mixed with fresh fruits cut in cubes and a load full of ice.
Afterwards, was dessert time. I had the chance to taste Portuguese delicacies, the real ones. The same morning, I've had five different choices of yellow dessert without knowing what it is. They turned out to be egg yolk with sugar. Egg yolk is loved around here, where all desserts contain it. We've tried six different kinds which all contained egg yolk and others almonds again with egg yolk. Honestly... They all taste the same with different consistencies. An overdose of sugar, sweetness, butter and egg yolk: I loved Portuguese food but not their desserts.
You can watch, buy, eat and drink on site. Here you will be spoilt for choice … fresh meat, fish, seafood, wines, fruits, vegetables, bakery and some local delicatessen. Now you know, visiting Lisbon, The Mercado De a Campo De Ourique is a nice destination to visit for food aficionados.
  • Rua Coelho da Rocha, 1350 - 075 Lisbon, Portugal
  • Tel. + 351 913 424 289
  • Monday to Wednesday and sunday 10 am - 11 pm
  • Thursday to Saturday 10 am - 01 am
  • The Mercado de Campo de Ourique is located on the way of the famous "Tram n° 28"
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