July 24, 2016

First 3D Restauarnt Comes to London

What a world we live in today. Technology is playing a role in everything in our lives and even what we eat... and how what we eat is prepared.  


Making this possible is London’s first ever 3D printing restaurant-Food Ink. Taking revolutionary fine-dine to an all new level, Food Ink is set to concoct a gastronomical experience for the customers like no other. The food along with the utensils and the furniture will all be 3D printed for the guests to enjoy at this pop-up restaurant. For $250 you can enjoy this multi-sensory dining experience between July 25- 27, limited 10 guests each day. 

If you wish not to spend so much you can walk into the restaurant on the two public open days to sample some 3D snacks and try their hand at printing some food themselves.

To provide an all-round futuristic dining experience, the restaurant will also offer virtual reality headsets with visual projections on the surrounding walls and AI-composed music.

Food Ink will be at 8 Dray Walk, E1 6NJ. Mon Jul 25-Wed Jul 27. 7.30pm–10pm (VIP diners); Tue Jul 26–Wed Jul 27. 2pm–6pm (public). Book tickets for the dinner here

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