December 29, 2012

Food Trends to Look Out For in 2013

Let's keep a close eye some food trends that may take on a serious role in our lives in 2013. Some trends seem interesting, like healthy chocolate, food sharing and more - it's worth sharing the research that was made by JWT with you...  

Guilt-Free Chocolate Is that even possible? It seems we are getting there. 2013 will see the popularity of 'healthier' chocolate. Everyone wants to indulge in sweets and not worry about their waistlines. Guilt-free chocolate will cut the fat, preservatives and artificial flavoring and offer consumers a "healthier" version of chocolate. Some companies use no artificial ingredients and preservatives, corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Yogurt Yogurts, and Greek yogurt in particular, have been spiking in popularity in the past year as consumers opt for healthier snack options. In 2012, yogurt makers like Chobani launched a yogurt store in New York, while in Canada, iögo gained popularity with its snack-sized portions and sugar-free features.

Allergen-Free The new 'gluten-free' is already here. With food allergies rising worldwide. More companies will build facilities dedicated to manufacturing foods free of allergens like dairy, peanuts, egg, soy and shellfish.

Faux Meat As people begin to cut down on meat for budget, health or environmental reasons, fake meat is getting tastier and more convincing — tofurkey anyone? Many brands like Yves Veggie Cuisine and Veggie Patch offer meat substitutes for everything from bacon to nuggets.

Chia 2013 is all about adding the chia seed to your diet. Chia seeds are rich in protein, antioxidants, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. People are adding the whole or ground seed to foods and beverages and companies like Nature's Path is creating both cereals and granola bars based with chia.

Food Sharing It seems like mom's advice on sharing with others isn't going away anytime soon. Experts predict 2013 will be the year for peer-to-peer services like car-sharing and accommodation-sharing. A new trend, food-sharing, has people sharing their homemade meals with others or bringing people together in the homes of amateur chefs. Mealku in New York, for example, lets members share their homemade meals with other site members.

Menu-Free Dining As we get pickier and pickier, restaurants may just have to give the good 'ol menu a boot. With a long list of dietary restrictions and food allergies to contend with, some restaurants are adopting fixed-priced menus or offering fewer items on menus altogether.

Teff Consumed for thousands of years in Ethiopia, this super grain has been slowly gaining popularity in North America. Teff is gluten-free, full of essential amino acids, high in protein, calcium, fiber and low in fat.

Vegetable Boxes Popular in the U.K., vegetable boxes are delivered to customers’ homes and packed with locally grown and mostly organic produce and sometimes, meat and dairy products. If you're into supporting local farmers and producers, vegetable boxes are a great way to eat healthy and give back to the community. This idea may well happen in Lebanon since we have great farmers and tasty variety of produce. Why not. I think we should talk to Kamal Mouzawak about this.

Full list of health and food trends can be read on Huffington Post

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