February 25, 2012

Gossip Restaurant Opens in ABC Dbayeh (Restaurant Closed)

A new dining concept has opened in ABC Dbayeh - Gossip. Gossip is a new idea by Aizone, on the first floor of the newly designed ABC department store, right near Aizone. The restaurant seems comfortable and nice and looks very trendy... and the name itself is intriguing.

Inspired by the trendy publication of the same name, Aïshti’s new concept restaurant Gossip caters to the young, hip and fashionable Aïzone crowd. Aïzone is Lebanon’s leading contemporary clothing retailer for fashion-forward young women and men, and the brand captures the edgy, rebellious spirit of the country’s youth. Offering great food in a cool atmosphere and espousing the same dynamic vibe as Aïzone, the restaurant is set directly outside the Aïzone store in the center of the mall, offering easy access into and out of the store. In addition to a quality dining experience, Gossip also offers a selection of books and home accessories that appeal to Aïzone fans. The restaurant opens from 10am until 10pm and features a bar area that’s perfect for socializing over drinks. Here are a couple of images from Aishti's official Facebook page. Looking forward to a review - Check this space soon for more original pictures and food details. In the mean time if you have tried the pace, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions on what to try.    

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