September 04, 2013 Bahrain GCC Middle East

Gulf Air's Falcon Gold Business Lounge: Bahrain International Airport

Located on the first floor of Bahrain International Airport is the Falcon Lounge. You'll definitely have the chance to experience it while traveling onboard Gulf Air. Reach a counter where a smiling hostess walks you to the lounge. A long and perfectly managed space is just the place if you're looking to spend some soothing and relaxing times at an airport.
The airport currently has three discrete lounges for premium passengers. Located on an upper level accessed by escalators from the departures area at Gate 15 and overlooking the main apron, the Gulf Air First and Business Class lounge offers an exclusive concept of waiter service, a separate family room and electronic video games room for children as well as full business facilities.
Follow the lit corridor then take a left to the main area of the lounge where a rich buffet with cold and hot items is prepared to serve you. To the right, another buffet, smaller than the first one, offers a couple of sandwiches as well as soft drinks.
I loved the space with its perfectly matching cool colors making this lounge a great getaway from the busy airport. Grey, blue and white under a low ceiling where sections are divide by curtains of steel balls.
A panoramic view of aircraft taking off and landing provides a diverting backdrop to the sleek minimalist Arabian style incorporated throughout the lounge. Elevated seating areas offer comfort and privacy to guests, while plasma screens hanging from the ceiling provide news and entertainment.
The place's different sections and details:
  • Showers
  • A kids playing area away from the calm lounge
  • A Microsoft X-Box lounge
  • Two buffets
  • A smoking lounge with no odor whatsoever
  • Individual face to face chairs perfect for meetings and discussions
  • Saloons with relaxing fluffy sofas around square tables are cozy and separated one another with metallic pending curtains
  • A newspaper stand
  • The Lavazza coffee bar
  • A business station with flat screen computers
The dinner food choices: (Leaving to Muscat at 9pm)
  • Two kinds of salads
  • A cheese platter
  • Vegetable and meat sandwiches
  • Cookies and cakes
  • A large selection of sweets, fruit salad, brownies
  • A colorful display of sandwiches
  • A salad bar of 14 different choices
  • Grilled Zucchini salad
  • Marinated rocket salad
  • Lentil soup
  • Cream of potato with hot salmon flake
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Stuffed vegetable kebbeh
  • Veggie chow mein
  • Garden green veggie pie
  • Lamb navarin
  • Chicken provencial
  • White rice
  • A large choice of good wine
The breakfast food choices: (Leaving to Beirut at 9am)
  • Vegetable and meat sandwiches
  • Eggs sandwiches and mini burgers
  • French cheese
  • Cookies and cakes
  • Fruit salad and yogurt
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Croissant and Danish pastry
  • Cereals and milk
  • Arabic sweets
  • Hummus, moutabal, tabbouleh, olives and vegetables
  • A selection of bread
  • The hot section (Hash brown potato, plain omelette, cheese and mushroom omelette, shakshuka, scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, beef sausages, baked beans, foul mdammas, mini chicken burger with mushroom sauce, French toast)
This is a nice lounge combining food, pleasure, fun, relaxation and design. A relaxed space you'll enjoy spending time in and the best part is that food is not only for display but its also tasty at the same time. Next time you pass by here, you'll know what to expect.





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