January 19, 2017 New York USA Americas

Heavenly Italian at Rossopomodoro, Eataly New York
Non-smokers friendly
Out with the Guys

Phone Number: +1-212-229-2560

Address: 200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010 ( 09AM - 11PM)

Website: http://www.eataly.com

Price Range: 40-60 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10

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After visiting Eataly of Dubai, Milano and Istanbul it was time to give the one in New York a try. I love this place. I love the way things are displayed, how the restaurants welcome you and how everything is created to amaze. Hundreds if not thousands of guests visit Eataly on a daily basis to enjoy one of their half dozen restaurants for lunch and dinner.


Eataly is a heaven for food aficionados, a place where aromas and colors transport you to another dimension, where every corner is carefully considered so as to take you on a journey to Italy.

Pizza, pasta, meat, pork, coffee, ice cream and fish, every famous Italian food has its distinct corner. Other than restaurants, spread on thousands of square meters is the widest selection of authentic Italian food you could ever see in one place. You name it, they have it. The freshest pasta, the best tomato sauce, Nutella, Kinder... anything!

It's easy to eat at Eataly because they cook what they sell in the store. Positioned next to the corresponding market section, restaurants use the highest quality ingredients to create dishes that focus on simplicity. While pizza and pasta are just the tip of the Italian (and Eatalian) iceberg, there is a reason these two culinary staples are the most beloved exports from Italy. Enjoy the seasonal selection just steps away from where expert pasta chefs and dough-slinging pizzaioli create dishes before your eyes.

Tables are available based on a first come first served basis so we had to wait for 20 long minutes to be seated while walking the aisles of this mega food shopping district.

Rossopomodoro, a restaurant I've previously tried in Milano and loved is where i'm dining tonight.


The pizza and pasta menu:

  • Ten plates for the 10th anniversary of Eataly. (Pizza with cherry tomatoes or tagliatelle with short rib Ragu)
  • Salads and starters
  • Pasta
  • Pizza

Occupying the corner of this huge place is the pasta and pizza corner. Loaded with tables, hundreds of customers pass here every hour. Vibrant and full of life, the restaurant oozes with Italian vibes and the waiters add to this amazing experience.


We ordered:

  • La Stella pizza 
  • Prosciutto San Daniele mozzarella
  • Spaghetti with black pepper
  • Linguini with crab
  • Tagliatelle with ragu short rib
  • Oval shaped three part pizza


Dinner was awesome!

  • The real mozzarella di buffala loaded with milk explodes between your teeth. The real salty prosciutto San Daniele ham adds more flavor to the mix. A simple plate with great flavor.
  • The pizza; I love it when pizzas are thin with a big fluffy crust. The perfect crust: a crunchy crust around a rounded fluffy inside that feels like a pillow. Richly aromatic from the wood oven and olive oil, loaded with premium ingredients...superb!
  • The pasta: cooking is love, cooking is passion, cooking is enjoyment, cooking is fun... everything is found in these plates! Plates of love and flavor, exceptional cooking and delicious recipes. The meat melts under the teeth like butter, the pasta is cooked extremely al dente, the tomato sauce has a unique acidity to it... a journey of enjoyment!
  • Lasagna with ragu Bolognesi and parmigiano: good enough but after the orgasmic sensations delivered by the other plates, this one passed with no impact.


Great food but unfortunately they don't serve desserts here! After an amazing dinner all I was craving was a tiramisu or a sorbet ice cream but no luck. You feel that they want you to leave fast and welcome the next customer - it's more profitable.

Probably some of the best Italian food in New York: Eataly is a must try where ever you are!


Suitable For: Out with the Guys





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