May 30, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Jounieh Floating Island: Putting Lebanon on the International Map

Jounieh Floating Island: A Record Breaking Project in the making...Right here in Lebanon.

Jounieh Floating Island

Jounieh Floating Island Resort is the first floating island in the world based on the Dhow-4 technology, it is expected to be at sea in summer 2015. The JFIR is a five star hotel with a surface area of 3,400 sqm, 74 m long and 46 m wide, that includes 64 rooms, 80 cabins, a roof top restaurant, a sea side restaurant, a nightclub, and various sea-sport activities.

The Floating Island industry is based on the technology and the design developed by and patented to Dr. Abdullah Daou. Being a novelty in marine industry, the know-how is Lebanese, and the add value to be determined has no competition. It’s a huge market out there to be explored, and this market is protected by an exclusive Lebanese Know-How, and covered by vast sea areas rendering production possible from the coast of Lebanon to all the seas of the world.





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