September 15, 2014

Kefraya's "Comte de M" Gets a 92/100, Two Years in a Row

Château Kefraya, Comte de M 2010 Kefraya is staking a lot on the 2010 edition, believing it to be the best created to date. It's a young wine that's still dry but moving to be even better than the 2007 edition in two years time. The 2010 edition has a certain finesse of its own, with the purity of fruit notes felt in every sip, while an evolution transports you as you reach the bottle's bottom. Château Kefraya worked on producing a local wine, a pride to Lebanon and surely not a copy of Bordeaux wines. Since it's still young, the 2010 gives off a strong alcohol vapor and has an intense, dry feel.


Robert Parker's International Renowned Wine Rating: 92/100
The 2010 Comte de M is a 70-30 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, aged in new French oak for 18 months. It came in at 14% alcohol. The Cabernet vines were planted here in 1995 and the Syrah in 2002. Early in this wine's life, the first impression is predictably oak and more oak.
The sweet vanilla coats the whole fairly prominently on opening. That said, have a little patience. Underneath is a beautifully constructed wine that seems also to project some steel and fine fruit. It has a "lifted" demeanor ultimately. Graceful in the mid-palate, it is tightly wound with moderate astringency at the moment which should serve it in good stead as it ages.
Although I did not have them side-by-side, this seems to project a bit more elegance and crispness than the 2009, but not quite the richness, all relatively speaking, of course. This beauty is unevolved, but it is hard not to lean up on this, granting that it does need to pull in that oak. It should do that easily enough in time. A couple of hours later it was still evolving, showing its controlled power and fine focus. 
Another nice thing here is the relatively reasonable price. Kefraya is providing high quality wines for reasonable money. Unless you object to spending less, take a look. It is a bit raw and needs to settle down.
There were 44,000 bottles produced. Drink 2015-2025.





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