June 03, 2015 Jounieh Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

La Creperie Reopens: The Icon in Pictures

Historic Jounieh restaurant La Crêperie reopens after a series of renovations, with an updated concept and a new look inspired by French Provence, capturing the iconic restaurant's nostalgic feel and highlighting its unique Mediterranean setting.


Set inside a historic, cream-colored Lebanese stone house built in 1800 and perched high on a hill that overlooks the deep blue waters of Jounieh Bay, La Crêperie has long been part and parcel of Lebanon’s collective memory. Opened in 1968, the restaurant served a delectable selection of sweet and savory crêpes, prepared in plain view of the delighted customers. In 1972, Les Caves de la Crêperie opened right under the restaurant, offering a nighttime venue for Lebanon’s revelers.


In 2012, the restaurant shut down for renovations, reopening in 2015, under the auspices of Sky Management. The newly refurbished La Crêperie, is sure to appeal to a varied spectrum of customers, from a younger set seeking to wine and dine in a romantic setting, to families and couples wanting to lunch, dine or spend the afternoon in one of Lebanon’s most scenic restaurants.

The exterior and interior architecture of the place is conceived by Sari el Khazen Architects. For La Crêperie, Sari el Khazen removed all elements that were added in the 1970s and 1980s, reverting back to the house’s original grandeur. For the upcoming Les Caves de la Crêperie, el Khazen found inspiration from the underground part of traditional Lebanese homes where cattle used to be kept.


La Crêperie’s interior decoration, created by Maggy Monsef, retains a historic aura, while it is infused with a Mediterranean flair that recalls France’s dreamy town of Aix-en-Provence. “I was inspired by Mediterranean nature,” Monsef says, “and by the region’s pastel colors, since La Crêperie stands on this unique rocky promontory, above one of the most beautiful bays in Lebanon.” She goes on to explain that she chose to tell a story through each of the rooms in the house, as if the visitor were strolling through multiple gardens. A welcome return, La Crêperie just might regain its old heights. 

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