December 04, 2015

Mademoiselle Courchevel: Limited Edition Beer Only in Courchevel

"She is glamourous, a bit nonchalant, but definitely selfconfident and surprising... and she will put pressure on you this winter! At the image of the station and its statue-muse created by artist David Cintract, a new blonde creation embraces the mountaintops this winter: the sparkling and appetising beer « Mademoiselle Courchevel », 1st edition."

Bière CVL

Sweet, elegant, a bit provocative, this first taste experience of Courchevel is realised 100% in Tarentaise by the local brewery Brasserie Alpine in Moûtiers. After an exceptional prolonged maturation process of 4 months, a Grand Cru is born.

A limited edition of 900 litres, this blonde degustation beer (5,5% alc. vol) is composed exclusively of natural products (water from the mountaintops of Les 3 Vallées, noble English and Czech hops) and fabricated in respect of the tradition. Pronounced aromas of floral hops, a moderate bitterness and a clear and golden colour for a delightful moment. At the image of the station, this beer is a pure pleasure.

For its decoration: renowned artist and beer lover David Cintract. With it’s remarkable style, he gave it a distinctive look, playing like always with its symbolic significance. A perfect body, an invitation to pleasure... will you be tempted by this sexy blonde Mademoiselle? Response in December, only available in the listed establishments.

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