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Celebrate Armenian Culture in Bourj Hammoud
Apr 10, 2018

Celebrate Armenian culture this Sunday in Bourj Hammoud. Street food, kids entertainment, Fun, superb Armenian food and much more to satisfy everyone. A premiere for…


Bourj Hammoud; Like You've Never Seen it Before...

Fauchon's Limited Edition Box Celebrates Eclair Week


August 04, 2017

For the past 10 years, Fauchon, the French gourmet food and delicatessen company, has been celebrating the art of the eclair an annual Eclair Week. From September 14-23, Fauchon will release a limited-edition box set containing 10 of its most…

Heinz Limited Edition Cans to Celebrate 50 Years


May 23, 2017

Heinz is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic Beanz Meanz Heinz advertising campaign with a new limited edition collection, available exclusively at Selfridges.    Putting a personalised touch on the classic packaging, the…

Tom Dixon's Capsule Series for Johnnie Walker Blue Label


April 17, 2017

During Milan Design Week, designer Tom Dixon has created the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series, a collection of accessories that enhance the pleasure of sipping an exquisite whisky. Consisting of a bespoke bottle design, ice bucket,…

M&M's White Cheesecake: Limited Edition

Spotted Stories

February 24, 2017

M&M's White Cheesecake is actually a thing! The special-edition M&M's, recently been launched at Wallmart, have a white chocolate base and are coated with pink and white candy. They combine white chocolate with cheesecake and graham cracker…

Discover the Revolutionary Straw from McDonald's

Spotted Stories

February 21, 2017

McDonald's is changing the world (of shake-drinking) with a limited-edition straw designed by a team of aerospace and robotic engineers.  The Chocolate Shamrock Shake, one of four new seasonal McCafé beverages, has dual layers of…

Unique Packaging to Celebrate New Beginnings


February 19, 2017

The Vietnamese New Year, otherwise known as Tet, has been celebrated by Coca-Cola with a festive redesign of its canned drink. Created by Vietnamese agency Ki Saigon, the special packaging design looks totally different to any other Cola products…

Cherry Blossom Coca Cola Welcomes Spring


February 17, 2017

If you’re looking for a way to welcome Spring in style, there’s no better way than with a limited-edition sakura-themed Coca Cola bottle. I would like one for my Coca Cola bottles collection... Presented in a quirky pink-hued…

M&M's White Cheesecake: Limited Edition for Valentine's Day


January 27, 2017

M&M's has a limited-edition White Cheesecake flavor just for Valentine's Day. Released in earlier this month, is made with white chocolate and cheesecake flavoring. The actual M&M's are pink, white, yellow and cute. The downside here…

McDonald's Limited Edition Big Mac Sauce is Out

Spotted Stories

January 26, 2017

I missed my chance by a few days. Just heard that McDonald's will be releasing 10,000 limited-edition bottles of Big Mac Sauce to select McDonald's locations in the United States. McDonald's created an iMessage app that highlights the nearest…

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Celebrates the Year of the Rooster


January 14, 2017

This Lunar New Year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition design celebrates the Rooster, which embodies the pioneering spirit of Johnnie Walker, rising as dawn breaks on the horizon, signaling the start of a new day and great new beginnings.…

Absolut Facet Celebrates Spontaneity

Spotted Stories

January 13, 2017

Absolut recently introduces its latest limited edition bottle, Absolut Facet, a blue bottle featuring an asymmetrical design. The round edges of the Facet bottle have been cut into like a gem, creating a number of faces that catch the light in…

Limited Edition Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel Boxes


January 03, 2017

French Champagne house Dom Pérignon invited German artist, Michael Riedel to design limited edition Dom Pérignon By Michael Reidel boxes for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 and Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage…

Evian Limited Edition Celebrates 10th Year with Christian Lacroix


September 17, 2016

For the 10th anniversary of the Limited Edition bottle, evian® and the House of Christian Lacroix are reunited again. In 2007, the disruptive vision shared by the two brands brought together the purity of water with the creativity of fashion…

The BOX: Ramadan Exclusive Edition. Limited Quantities...


June 20, 2016 | The Box

We seriously don't need a special occasion to make The BOX a real treat every month, but when there is one we all jump from joy... and cross that extra mile and even two to get you the best of what this country has to offer... So the next…

Make Your Own Fluffy Shaved Ice at Home

Food Gadgets

May 26, 2016

It’s now possible to make that perfect shaved ice fluffy at home with the new limited edition ice shaver by Kai. You can now enjoy a summer favorite dessert, shaved ice in a professional manner. The Kai ice shaver makes you a bowl full of…

Diet Coke Goes 'Absolutely Fabulous'


May 08, 2016

Fashion lovers rejoice, Diet Coke can officially announce it is partnering with the highly anticipated ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ from Fox Searchlight Pictures, which releases in cinemas in the UK on 1 July. To celebrate,…

Kinder Bueno Dark is Back


February 19, 2016

Following a successful appearance last year, Kinder Bueno Dark is returning to shelves this spring. The product features a hazelnut filling, encased in a dark chocolate covered wafer. Dark chocolate is getting the limelight...  

Piper-Heidsieck Captures the Glamour of the Oscars with Limited Edition Bottles

Spotted Stories

February 17, 2016

Piper-Heidsieck have produced a limited edition Champagne called ‘Red Carpet Ready’ for the Oscars. The magnum sized limited edition bottles of Champagne will be poured exclusively at the 88th annual Oscars ceremony…

Most Expensive Chocolates Inspired by Movie Stars


February 15, 2016 | News

The world's biggest movie stars Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn inspired the brand The Ross Limited to produce the most expensive chocolates in the world. Special presents will be sent to the museums and studios where they have…

NoGarlicNoOnions’ Love Treats… The February Box


February 03, 2016 | The Box

It’s this time of the month when we dispatch “The Box” but this one is different; It’s February! This month is special. It’s the month of cats, the shortest of the year and surely the month of love and lovers. Having…

The Box: Valentine's Edition... Sweets for My Sweetie


January 26, 2016 | Popular

Ok so it's almost that time of the month again... What time I hear you ask? Time for the BOX, of course ... I can see that smirk on your face right now and trust me it's all worth the wait this time (and every time in fact)... The February Box…

11 France Football Players, 11 Unique Coca Cola Bottles


December 07, 2015

UEFA Euro 2016 Football takes place in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016. A sports and media event of such importance as Coca-Cola, supporter of the France team and partner of the French Football Federation already launched a series of 11 aluminum…

Mademoiselle Courchevel: Limited Edition Beer Only in Courchevel

Spotted Stories

December 04, 2015

"She is glamourous, a bit nonchalant, but definitely selfconfident and surprising... and she will put pressure on you this winter! At the image of the station and its statue-muse created by artist David Cintract, a new blonde creation embraces the…

Limited Edition: Burger King Christmas Packaging


November 28, 2015

Burger King has announced their new packaging for the festive holiday - just in time for Christmas. The limited edition packaging, designed by agency Turner Duckworth, includes colorful motifs of the joyous event, including reindeer and…

Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Tumi Collaborate

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

October 16, 2015 | News

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the brand’s top notch line, is a blend of Scotland's rarest whiskies. The way it's presented should be up to par... Here's high-end luggage maker Tumi comes with a special Blue Label tasting case. Only 65 cases…

Limited Edition Perrier "Inspired by Street Art" Collection: Take Two


September 25, 2015

Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water announces its newest line of limited-edition packaging designs as the second installment of the brand's "Inspired by Street Art" collection. Perrier's signature bottles and slim cans now feature striking…

Nespresso Reveals Two New Limited Flavors

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

September 05, 2015 | Spotted Stories

If you're a coffee lover... then rejoice... Nespresso Experts reveal two new creations with remarkable textures: Palemero and Milano. Cocoa and pepper flavours for “Tribute to Palermo” and refined fruity flavours with a sweet cereal…

Limited Edition Olive Oil Bottles from Gino's Garden


August 23, 2015

Cyprus-based designer Marios Karystios created a unique shaped bottle for an organic olive oil by Gino Haddad. Gino’s garden organic olive oil from the region of Rihaneh in Lebanon. Each year, a limited quantity of olive oil is handpicked…

Johnnie Walker: Limited Edition Engraved Luxury Bottles


July 22, 2015

Johnnie Walker House has collaborated with Philip Lawson Johnston the world renowned glass engraver, to create a series of limited hand-engraved bottles. Bringing together the best of two crafts and inspired by its Scottish roots and…

Jean Paul Gaultier Dresses Up Kusmi Tea

Spotted Stories

June 25, 2015

Kusmi Tea unveils a collection of products specially dressed by the famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Inspired by his most iconic pieces, this exclusive collection reworks the designer’s fetish codes of the striped sailor jersey and the…

Limited Edition Cadbury Spectacular 7: Seven Flavors One Bar


June 24, 2015

For the first time in over 100 years, Cadbury has created a sharing chocolate bar complete with seven different flavours to match all of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s hero variants.   Only fifty bars of ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk Spectacular…

Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo: Can You Imagine?

Spotted Stories

June 06, 2015

Like I said before, Oreo seem to be on a role... the list of new Oreo flavors introduced this year includes Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Lemon Twist, and S’mores. However, Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo might soon be added to…

Fauchon and Givenchy: A Pinkish and Fashionable Collaboration

Spotted Stories

May 24, 2015

Fauchon is at it again... known for its collaboration with fashion brands like Thierry Mugler and Lacoste, the French luxury confectioner has now joined hands with Givenchy to create a dainty vanilla and rose eclair is inspired by Givenchy's Very…

Oreo's More Limited Editions: S'Mores Cookies


May 19, 2015

OREO has been in the limited-edition frenzy lately debuting cookies in varieties such as cotton candy and watermelon, and more traditional mix-ups like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and red velvet and now starting May 22 Oreo’s…

Minions the New Face of Limited Edition Tic Tac


May 15, 2015

The Minions are taking over the world...The cutest character, in my opinion is now the new face for ’Tic Tac'. The brand has recently announced its latest limited edition ‘Tic Tac Minions’ sweets and just look at how irresistibly…

'Celebrate the Breaks' with Limited Edition New Kitkats


May 13, 2015

Nestlé’s KitKat has revealed it will launch over 400 limited edition packs, replacing the KitKat name with one of 72 different types of break, including Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Break or Me Time Break.     The…

Jose Cuervo: Celebrating Limited Editions with a Limited Edition!

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

April 25, 2015 | Spotted Stories

The Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia tequila is the result of a family tradition passed down through the Jose Cuervo family line, resulting in one of the finest extra añejo tequilas. This year marks the 20th anniversary since the first…

Fresh to Impress: Limited Edition Smint Covers


April 23, 2015

Smint has unveiled its striking new limited edition ‘Fresh to Impress’ range this summer. Following its ‘Design Our Cover’ competition that ran over two months last year, the three winning cover designs now feature across…

Bling Bling Easter Bunny. Anyone?


March 30, 2015

The company that first brought us the world's most expensive gingerbread house, and more expensive things on special occasions, now brings us a  $49,000 Easter bunny outfitted with diamond eyes. According to makers VeryFirstTo, the luxury…

Limited Edition KitKat in Toffee Treat Flavor


January 11, 2015

Nestlé Confectionery’s flagship brand Kitkat is launching a new marketing campaign, ‘Celebrate the Breaks for 2015, featuring a host of innovative activity from the brand ranging from new products to advertising campaigns using…

Bring on the Winter with Limited Edition MARS Xtra Choc Bar


January 07, 2015

This month, Mars Chocolate is launching a new limited edition MARS Xtra Choc bar and encouraging consumers to ‘Bring it on this winter’. The MARS bar is transformed with an extra chocolatey taste from chocolate caramel and chocolate…

Dunkin Donuts Decks the Halls

Spotted Stories

December 07, 2014

Dunkin’ Donuts UAE is decking its halls this season with a duo of delicious donuts for the holidays. Holiday Wreath Donut is a festive yeast ring donut topped with green icing and red icing drizzle resembling a traditional holiday wreath…

Perrier's Limited Street Art Edition Series

Spotted Stories

October 03, 2014

Perrier recently launched a collection of limited edition Street Art cans and bottles in collaboration with international street artists, JonOne, Sasu, and Kobra. Each artist was commissioned to interpret the french brand, individually tackling…

Evian and KENZO Release Limited Edition Bottle

Spotted Stories

October 01, 2014

Two iconic French brands—evian and KENZO—have teamed up to create a water bottle embodying playful purity with mysterious spirit. The purple-lime twisted pattern was adopted for the 2015 limited edition by KENZO’s creative…

Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Edition

Spotted Stories

September 12, 2014

Absolut Vodka proudly announced the Limited Edition Andy Warhol bottle, a new design celebrating the brand's iconic collaboration with the illustrious Andy Warhol. The offering embodies the brand's commitment to supporting all things rooted in…

First Time Coffee Flavored Donuts from Dunkin Donuts

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

August 05, 2014 | News

Dunkin’ Donuts, for the first time, have come up with coffee flavored donuts. Good news is that you don't have to dunk your donuts into your coffee to enjoy the flavor. The two limited-time editions are both yeast donuts filled with…

Limited Edition KitKat Chunky Orange

Spotted Stories

May 14, 2014

Nestlé Confectionery’s flagship brand KitKat is launching a new treat for consumers this summer – KitKat Chunky Orange. Starting this week, KitKat Chunky Orange is a combination of crispy wafer finger covered in orange flavored milk…

Aston Martin and Champagne ? A Match Made in Heaven

Food Gadgets

April 10, 2014

Would you pay $42,000 for an Aston Martin limited edition... Before getting your hopes too high this is not the price for a limited edition car from Aston Martin... Wouldn't that be a dream come true... An Aston Martin for $42,000. For this price…

Texas Gets its Own Absolut Bottle


March 01, 2014

Introducing the 8th addition to the Absolut Limited Editions US States portfolio, Absolut Texas celebrates the larger than life feeling and bold personalities that make the Lone Star State so great. Absolut Texas was designed as a celebration of all…

Celebrating a Journey Shared - Limited Edition Trunk

Spotted Stories

November 07, 2013

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has teamed with Alfred Dunhill to launch a limited edition collection trunk. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection was designed in conjunction with the premiere of “Celebrating a Journey Shared”, a film which portrays a…

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