February 19, 2017

Unique Packaging to Celebrate New Beginnings

The Vietnamese New Year, otherwise known as Tet, has been celebrated by Coca-Cola with a festive redesign of its canned drink. Created by Vietnamese agency Ki Saigon, the special packaging design looks totally different to any other Cola products and stays respectful to the country's culture.


Ki Saigon was commissioned to create a limited edition pack and design identity by Coca-Cola for its coveted 2017 Tet (Lunar New Year) campaign. Ki Saigon's creative process began by researching the real meaning of the festival for millions of Vietnamese.

"New years for Vietnamese is just not a celebration, but a moment of great cultural significance. It is a time family members gather (Đoàn tụ) and install faith in each other for a brighter tomorrow - (Đón một bắt đầu) ’ a time to believe in a new beginning". 

The design strategy was bought to life by the ‘swallow' - a unique symbol of Tet & bringer of a hope, whose arrival signals springtime & marks the prosperous beginning. We gave a pattern characteristic to the ‘swallow’ to turn them to a unique symbol.

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