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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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Tarom Airlines: Old Planes, Bad Food and a Lack of Training


May 14, 2018 | Travel | Europe

I’ve been on Tarom airlines in 2016 when visiting Bucharest, and I remember not being impressed. Back on Tarom just because it had a convenient timing from Amsterdam to Beirut. Very old planes, old seats and not enough comfort and pampering…

Trying Aeroflot for the First Time


May 14, 2018 | Travel | Russia

Even though the planes are not too new... I loved the clean orange uniforms, the hostesses’ wide smile, the attention to details and continuous pampering. I was extremely tired taking a plane at five in the morning and another around nine so…

British Airways; Experiencing All Classes in One Trip


May 13, 2018 | Reviews

British Airways, a famous airline with a complicated service -if I may call it, because of the excess security measures, seat choices and boarding procedures among others. Professional is the least that can be said with a priority called; “the…

Economy Class Onboard Emirates Airlines


April 30, 2018 | Travel | UAE

It’s the service, the attention, and the food but most importantly the relaxing seats with enough legroom to put your legs one on top of the other. With its large screen, electrical plug and USB charger, Emirates economy is close to the…

Flying Qatar Airways From Beirut to Muscat Oman and Back: Experiencing Two Classes


April 29, 2018 | Recommended | GCC

Even though I flew Qatar Airways in the past, it came to my attention that no review was published on NoGarlicNoOnions yet; flying from Beirut to Muscat-Oman through Doha, it was time to write my first review. Economy from Beirut to Doha,…

Superjumbo A380 Lands for the First Time in Beirut: Photos from Inside the Plane


March 30, 2018 | Popular | Lebanon

Edition 100, of The world's largest plane, Airbus A380, landed at Rafik Hariri International airport on Thursday arriving from Dubai. The one-off Emirates Airbus A380 flight from Dubai was an acknowledgment of the substantial passenger traffic…

Giant Airbus A380 to Land in Beirut for the First Time


March 05, 2018 | Airports | Lebanon

29th of March: Historic one-off flight to test airport’s A380 operations and readiness! For the first time in Rafic Al Hariri International Airport’s history, Emirates will operate a special one-off A380 service to Beirut on 29 March.…

The Draft House: Beer and Good Food at the Airport in Dubai


December 20, 2017 | Airports | UAE

The Draft House is a friendly and fun vintage-inspired, collegiate sports-themed bar. Whether travelers are avid sports fans or just looking for a home-like atmosphere to unwind in before their next flight, Draft House is the place to…

Flying AirFrance from Beirut to Paris in Business Class: I Love the Experience Not the Food!


November 13, 2017 | Travel

When you Tavel a lot, you tend to forget when was the last time you wrote a review about your favorite airline. Since the first revamped business class to Beirut review and the “cabin Best”, several other detailed reviews have followed.…

Transavia Lands in Beirut for the First Time


September 04, 2017 | Airports

The low-cost airline of the Air France-KLM group will operate service to Beirut, the Lebanese capital from Paris Orly Airport as of September 4, with 3 weekly flights. Therefore, Beirut would be the 5th new destination added for this summer by the…

Milou: Having Fun from Paris to Beirut in Business Class


June 26, 2017 | Airports

I look nice, fresh and sexy, I'm white and clean, I'm fun and always smiley... I'm probably the world's most famous dog bringing smiles and happiness to people for the last couple decades. I've been to the moon and back, discovered the planet's most…

Air France: The A380 Experience is Like any Other Plane!


April 10, 2017 | Travel

I was so happy when I found out that I would be taking my next flight to New York onboard an A380, yes, AirFrance's A380 which I have dreaming of trying for a while. After an amazing experience onboard Korean Air, here I was checking what AirFrance…

First time on Egypt Air


February 03, 2017 | Travel

We have heard stories about Egypt Air... Captain Haradi's famous audio joke about their unsafe airlines, but nevertheless Egypt Air has come a long way after joining The Star Alliance Group. First time on Egypt Air, back in seat 39J, we were…

Middle East Airlines vs. Air France: A Detailed Comparative Review... 1 Winner!


November 21, 2016 | Comparative Review

It started back in 2013 when my first ever review comparing Air France to Middle East was published, two carriers connecting Beirut to Paris. Three years have passed since and hundreds of flights in between onboard both. Both carriers have improved…

Delta Airlines During Internal Flights: A Great Experience


October 17, 2016 | Travel

On a flight leaving from Los Angeles to San Francisco I was enjoying another flight via Delta Airlines. This is my fourth time, if am not mistaken onboard Delta airlines, and I will surely be repeating the experience when I get the chance. Delta…

MEA's Pilots: A Tribute to the World's Finest


September 17, 2016 | Travel

Sometimes you just have to stop a moment and appreciate things for what they are, appreciate people for who they are and what they do… Today, I want to pay a personal tribute to MEA’s pilots. Yes MEA pilots known worldwide for their…

Alitalia Airlines: The Premium Economy Cabin


September 15, 2016 | Travel

Traveling Alitalia from Lebanon is never an experience I appreciate. The plane is small, it leaves at 4am, there's no business class, arrivals are made on the tarmac... This morning I try Alitalia Transatlantic for the first time in Premium Economy…

The World’s First Interactive Amenity Kit in Emirates' Economy Class


August 30, 2016

Emirates has launched the world’s first interactive amenity kit in Economy Class providing a more comfortable travel experience. The stylish new amenity kits utilise augmented reality (AR) technology to unlock immersive content on mobile…

Middle East Airlines Launches a New Safety Video


August 24, 2016 | Travel

I feeling proud that our national airline carrier, MEA, is always trying to improve itself while following international trends. After Virgin Atlantic and many other airlines, MEA has updated its old safety video - inspired by Air France - with a…

Impossible Made Possible: KLM to Serve Heineken Draft Beer


July 24, 2016 | News

The things most airlines are doing to lure in travelers – in flight bars, private apartments and sleeping pods to name but a few… Now there’s something new… Draft beer served high in the sky. KLM is planning to serve beer…

Korean Air: Trying the A380 for the First Time


July 08, 2016 | Travel

The first impression you get when you step into Korean Air A 380 is professionalism. It's a gasp of fresh air ... with smiles everywhere, classical music, perfect welcoming, freshness... You feel royal and you are treated as one in this airline with…

WOW: A Trendy and Fresh Low Cost Airline


July 01, 2016 | Travel | Europe

WOW Airlines, Iceland second-biggest airline is, in fact, a low cost but surely not low quality. This funny airline is fresh and funky with its creative signage of which two written on the seats "Hi, I am your seat," "Be My Guest," "Last but…

The New Business Night Service Offered by Air France


June 20, 2016 | Travel

Traveling from New York back to Paris I was surprised by a new service offered to business passengers flying at night. Now you can dine the same exact menu offered up in the air while seated behind a table in the business lounge and enjoy the…

Paris-Beirut on the Newly Refurbished A777-300ER


June 01, 2016 | Travel

I was one of the first to try the new plane which AirFrance calls “Cabine Best”. It's no other than the world's most famous plane, the Boeing 777 revised with the latest technologies to fit the 21st century, something many airlines…

Back from Lima Onboard KLM: I Expected Better


May 20, 2016 | Travel

The last time I traveled with KLM was in 2004. Since then I've been waiting for the chance to try it again. After 12 long years I was about to step into KLM's aircraft and the anticipation was building. Sadly my first impression after all these…

On My Twelve Hours Trip to Lima, Peru


May 20, 2016 | Travel

Don't think am crazy when I tell you that I traveled  all the way to the other side of the world for only two days. Discovering a whole new country for even a day is worth it in my books and not to mention getting on the plane, switching off…

Seoul-Paris: Enjoying Service and Food Onboard Air France


May 08, 2016 | Travel

What a week! A pleasant stay in the Korean capital, but it was time to go back home. Skyteam is my choice, after trying the A380 for the first time onboard Korean Air, I decided to take a return flight with Air France. 12 hours are properly taken…

Oman Air: Business Class from Beirut to Muscat


April 23, 2016 | Travel

A small sized plane, a new version or an updated one, only a couple of seats, a welcoming attitude, large screens with some entertainment and dinner. It was my first time on Oman Air. The cabin is dimmed at night with blue lights while the…

Air France Joins Forces with Korean Chef Youn-Young Kim


April 18, 2016 | Travel

Since 1st February 2016, Korean customers have been able to post all their travel-related queries (reservation, seat selection, payable options, additional baggage, etc.) in their language to Air France via the Company's new account on Kakao Talk,…

The Same Breakfast Menu for as Long as I Can Remember!


April 18, 2016 | Travel

Middle East Airlines: Time for a Change! The last two years have been hectic and this year especially is promising to be record breaking; I'm doing between two to three trips a month discovering food around the world. To date I've been to Paris,…

Tarom Airlines: Flying Business Class to Bucharest


February 07, 2016 | Travel | Europe

The first impression is: "I'm not impressed." There’s a clear lack of professionalism, attention to details and cleanliness. It all starts when you're boarding. You’ll find an old carpet giving way to the business class isle, which…

Chocolate Knefeh up in the Air: A Tasty Discovery


February 02, 2016 | Chocolate

The same Knefeh, the same omelette... We've been having the same breakfast for years and every time I travel on the morning flight I expect to be served the same... But this time, things have changed, this time something amazing happened. I don't…

Economy on Delta Airlines: The Good and The Bad


November 11, 2015 | Travel

Not a single empty seat onboard Delta 767- 400 – the plane was packed and overbooked. It’s an old plane with no USB plugs, with small screens and tight legroom. It’s hard for a trip that's more than 8 hours to Paris. It's not that…

Flying Delta Airlines Business Class to New York


October 28, 2015 | Travel

I was so happy to have been upgraded on my last Delta flight leaving from Paris to New York. As a loyal AirFrance client, I was offered this unique privilege to fly business class onboard the A330 plane operated by Delta. Today was my first…

Traveling to Paris and Back in a Cocoon


October 23, 2015 | Travel

I'm not sure why, but I feel like writing a review every time I find myself sitting on a plane, especially when traveling Business Class. This time, it wasn't just any Business Class, but the new "Best" option out of Beirut. I believe I was one of…

Etihad Unveils New and Colorful Business Class Amenity Kits


October 23, 2015

Scaramouche + Fandango has been working with Etihad Airways to create an exclusive amenity kit for its Business Class passengers. This is is the UK brand’s first unisex offering and comes in six limited edition, brightly-coloured bags. The…

Jennifer Aniston Ad for Emirates Airlines is Out


October 06, 2015

We mentioned a while ago that Jennifer Aniston, America's sweetheart is the new face of Emirates Airline and the adv video is finally out and Aniston is cuter than ever is this ad. The Friends star is shown wandering around an airplane cabin on a…

Air France Reveals Best & Beyond Cabins at Le Gray


August 25, 2015 | Travel

I was one of the lucky first few people to try Air Frances ‘Best & Beyond’ cabins on my way from Paris to New York and on my way back from New York to Paris, just a couple of months ago. Now everyone can get up close and personal…

Jennifer Aniston Face of Emirates Airlines


August 16, 2015

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has signed a $5 million deal to become the face of Emirates, where she is expected to appear in global print and TV ad campaigns for the airline, some of which have been already filmed. The news comes after…

Goodbye New York: On the Way Back Home


July 23, 2015 | Travel

I still remember checking into the hotel like of it was only yesterday, 10 days passed at a glance and I wish it hadn’t… New York is not any city but the city of dreams and possibilities, tourism and love, events and potential...…

Pampered for Eight Hours Over the Atlantic


June 29, 2015 | Recommended

Simply awesome! You can't imagine how excited I was to discover the new business class cabin of Air France - a plane they say is "Best" fitted with the cocoon seats. It was a long day of traveling from Beirut to New York, but hours passed by in a…

Beirut-Paris: The Air France Business Experience


June 27, 2015 | Travel

I want to express my minute-to-minute enjoyment during my trip from Beirut to Paris… I want to express the enjoyment I had with every single service offered on onboard AirFrance, especially after I learned that I would be one of the first to…

Why Does Food Taste Different on Planes?


June 10, 2015

The changing air-pressure and humidity in an air cabin can lead to very different flavours above the clouds. BBC: By Katia Moskvitch If you think the food airline companies serve up is bland or unappetising, it’s not necessarily…

British Airways Business Class on the Way Back to Beirut


June 04, 2015

Leaving Lebanon for London, I remember enjoying five short hours onboard British Airways' Airbus. It started well, ended well and made me count the hours until I could enjoy their lunchtime trip back to Beirut. British Airways' Business Class is…

British Airways Business Class from Beirut to London


May 15, 2015 | Travel

A great first impression, especially because I was sitting on an individual seat. I loved it, simply loved it. The business class cabin onboard British Airways on their Airbus 321 has twin seats like all other planes, as well as individual seats…

Air France’s La Première Cabin Returns to the Paris – Beirut Route!


May 04, 2015 | Travel

Since 29 March 2015, Air France is offering the La Première cabin on its daily flight between Paris and Beirut. Flights are operated by B-773 equipped with 303 seats – 8 in La Première, 67 in Business, 28 in Premium Economy and…

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Take Flying to New Heights


April 23, 2015

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world leader in luxury hospitality and service, unveils the new Four Seasons Private Jet – marking the establishment of a new standard in luxury hospitality experiences.  The culmination of a vision…

Phillippe Starck Designs New Travel Amenities


April 21, 2015 | News

Contemporary designer, Philippe Starck, has created everything from toothbrushes to revolutionary mega-yachts. This exclusive amenity kit partnership with WESSCO International marks his first foray into the commercial aircraft cabin, and the…

Nicole Kidman New Ambassador of Etihad Airways


March 29, 2015

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman is the new face of Etihad Airways. The actress will seen the ‘Flying Reimagined’ campaign. Nicole Kidman is both star and narrator of the captivating feature, which will be shown on global TV…

Business Class Onboard Icelandair with Internet Access


January 21, 2015 | Travel | Europe

Smiling hostesses, relaxing chairs, sound reduction headsets and WiFi... Everything during this flight was perfect. Now that I can think clearly and my bag is onboard, let me tell you my story. I believe in faith... What are the odds on being…

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