April 14, 2019

Last Time on Alitalia! Unprofessional and Disrespectful

It’s fine to travel in old planes! But what’s not fine at all is to take an overcrowded bus, to wait fifteen minutes standing in the bus, travel with little close to no legroom and not having anyone to complain to. I knew things would be this ugly but not that much! So I asked the ground personnel for an upgrade and the answer was: “sorry we don’t have upgrades, ask onboard”. Well, onboard, it was not possible to talk with anyone! Public buses are more organized.


Traveling from Beirut to Malta and back, I encountered the shittiest experience no one would accept; this article is written to warn you.

From Beirut to Rome, the seats were so tight that I needed to stand up several times during the flight. Rome to Malta, even smaller plane! Now let me tell you about the way back; I had to pay for my additional luggage because Alitalia sent us back with Air Malta which does not abide by “Flying Blue” rules. Take the bus, two times, wait in the sun, smell people’s sweat.

Finally, take a three hours flight to Beirut on a plane with no screen and no music. Next time I’m flying Middle East which departs twenty minutes after Alitalia.

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