February 02, 2016

Chocolate Knefeh up in the Air: A Tasty Discovery

The same Knefeh, the same omelette... We've been having the same breakfast for years and every time I travel on the morning flight I expect to be served the same... But this time, things have changed, this time something amazing happened.


I don't even bother reading the menu anymore cause the same Knefeh and omelette were made to stay. Asking for the economy menu because it always has interesting facts printed on, I discovered the chocolate cheese Knefeh. Oh my God! I ran to the hostess asking for another breakfast tray.


A large rectangular shaped Knefeh, a thick layer of melting cheese topped with a crumble of semolina mixed with chocolate. All of the above soaked in sugar syrup. It looks great, clean and neat with straight borders and tastes awesome! I've had the one at L'Abeille D'Or, I've had the one at Abdelrahman Hallab and this one is different; it has a certain simplicity to it.

An equilibrated flavor of cheese, sweetness, semolina and chocolate, a good quality, not too sweet and not too dark, a mix of different flavors and textures considering that your taste buds are less effective up in the air. Yes, indeed, this is a very good breakfast, created with such a know how, this is something I was not expecting at all.


This is not a breakfast review, that's my latest tasty discovery and I'm proud to say it's served on our local airline.

PS: I hope the consistency stays the same as I tasted it.





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