April 14, 2019

Legroom is Not Acceptable; Don’t Travel Economy on Alitalia!

Not acceptable!!!! Really not acceptable!!!!! The tiniest legroom I’ve ever experienced on a plane and take it from someone who travels at least twice a once; so tight you can’t even breathe. Traveling from Beirut to Roma, Alitalia sends to Beirut the cheapest planes they have, no television, no music with seats so close one to the other than you feel as if someone was pushing hard on your chest during all the trip duration.


I’ve been on planes, tried the biggest legroom in Qatar Airways and Emirates, Air France, Middle East and the most foes on but this was a premiere for me! Oh my goodness, Alitalia economy class departing from Beirut is not acceptable. I believe the photos speak for themselves.

Trying to relax my legs a bit, the maneuver was impossible. (Again, look at the photo).

And it didn’t stop here; Rome to Malta is even worse! Cheap low-cost quality, Alitalia sucks. If you’re not obliged, avoid it. The cabin is hot and space is restraint: planes feel like public buses.


It’s better to fly low-cost, they will respect you more; and when landing in Rome, it’s bus time! What a shame!

No, a big no, not an acceptable airline I will make sure to avoid and invite my friends to as well!

Wait: you book an Alitalia flight, you arrive in Malta and the attendant tells you that you have to abide by the Malta Airlines laws: “we can’t do anything about your platinum card, you have to pay for additional luggage”. Shame! Passengers don’t care about your deals with other airlines, I booked a ticket with Alitalia and expect the minimal respect a Platinum passenger deserves. 





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