April 23, 2016

Oman Air: Business Class from Beirut to Muscat

A small sized plane, a new version or an updated one, only a couple of seats, a welcoming attitude, large screens with some entertainment and dinner. It was my first time on Oman Air.


The cabin is dimmed at night with blue lights while the hostesses start service. A warm ambiance made my flight a memorable one. I enjoyed the relaxing chairs despite their lack of leg room. The large screen and wide windows compensate for that.


  • Small mezze selection.
  • Shawarma spiced chicken salad with caramelized pumpkin cubes, yogurt dressing and gourmet olives.

A choice of main courses:

  • Gulf-style shrimp biryani, shrimp cooked with fragrant rice and vegetables braised in exotic spices, traditional garnish.
  • Traditional chicken koftas, chunky herb and tomato sauce, grilled market vegetables, vermicelli rice.
  • Homemade roast vegetable lasagna, fragrant tomato and red pepper sauce, Parmesan flakes.

Dessert: Moist coconut cake.


Dinner is served:

  • Starters first: A platter prepared in the kitchen, generously filled, has a bowl of potato salad with crushed nuts and sesame. A plate that's literally tasteless. Mayonnaise but no flavor. No salt, no lemon, no life.
  • Mouhammara: Crushed walnuts with spices. Lacks sweetness, lacks spices, lacks a bit of everything. The mix needs more flavors and a boost of passion which is clearly missing.
  • Chicken shawarma? What's the shawarma in a chewy chicken topped with mayonnaise? Pumpkin cubes which are carrots and olives that are not gourmet for sure. What a deception! The starters are kind of disastrous for Business Class.
  • Main course followed: Three chicken Kafta mixed with herbs in a tomato sauce, served with rice and grilled veggies. Rice a bit too al dente and a chicken kafta that's not so bad after all. The main plate is much better than dessert. Five shrimp under a mountain of yellow and white rice with grilled vegetables. Tender vegetables, well cooked and flavorful rice with lots of spices. A good, generous and fulfilling plate.
  • Dessert: Spongy cake indeed. Unpleasantly moist and spongy cake. Bizarre and unpleasant textures.


Good service, bad food. I'll take this flight again but make sure to have dinner before boarding.





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