February 26, 2014

Air France Launches "A La Carte Meals"

With summertime around the corner, Air France is bringing a breath of fresh air with new dishes on its A la carte menus, available as an alternative to the menu of the day (free of charge) offered in Premium Economy and Economy cabins on most long-haul flights departing Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly*. Customers are now able to enjoy brand new «Ocean», «Tradition», «Bio» (organic) and «Une Sélection LENÔTRE» menus.
With the «Tradition» and «Une Sélection LENÔTRE» menus, specially created for Air France by the renowned Maison Lenôtre, customers can enjoy a genuine French fine-dining experience and discover a selection of exquisite dishes. Among the new dishes proposed, the Tradition menu features a «foie gras terrine, gingerbread, dried fig chutney and baby spinach», followed by «veal with blanquette cream sauce, glazed pearl onions with thyme, mushrooms and Basmati rice», and the «Une Sélection LENÔTRE» menu features «Marinated sautéed shrimp, pan-seared scallops with Dugléré orange sauce, Vegetable risotto, carrots, sugar snap peas, celeriac, and a «Strawberry entremets». The «Ocean» and Bio» (organic) menus continue to offer an artful blend of delicate flavours and fresh produce with «Salmon dumplings, blini and cabbage with horseradish, baby spinach», «Alaskan hake fish with lemon and butter, mashed potatoes with tomato and ratatouille» or «Sautéed shrimp, sautéed radishes and mango with olive oil, Julienned carrots and zucchini with honey and soy sauce».
The Air France A laCarte menus, available at a price varying between €12 and 28, can be ordered online on theairfrance.com website at the time of booking or in the «View/Modify my bookings» section, and at our callcentres and Air France ticket offices up to 24 hours before departure. On departure from the French Overseas Departments; Fort-de-France,Pointe-à-Pitre, CayenneandRéunion, three menus are available;Italia, Ocean and Tradition which will be renewed for winter 2013.
Traditional meal: A voyage into the heart of French cuisine
Discover the l´art de vivre à la française with the Tradition meal! Taste a selection of savory, traditional recipes prepared with the very best of authentic French local products.  Choose the Traditional meal, and your flight becomes a guided tour of French culinary heritage for €18!
  • BIO (Organic) meal: Blue skies just got a little greener
Prepared with seasonal ingredients carefully selected by Chef Christophe Reissfelder, the BIO (Organic) meal offers inventive, fresh and savory cuisine. All products are made using organic farming and production methods. Fresh herbs, nutritional cuisine and tantalizing flavors... Select our BIO (Organic) meal and dine to your heart´s content for €22.
"Une Sélection LENÔTRE" meal
An exclusive meal from the famed Maison LENÔTRE. Savor a unique dining experience with an exclusive meal created by the chefs at the prestigious Maison LENÔTRE. These creative, refined recipes take you on an unforgettable trip through the best of French cuisine. And to keep your taste buds happy all year long, the "Une sélection LENÔTRE" meal varies by season. Choose to dine chez LENÔTRE for €28.
Italia menu: A little bit of la "Dolce Vita"
On your next flight, discover a medley of rich, Mediterranean flavors. With the Italia meal, you will enjoy authentic, simple cuisine inspired by the best recipes from every region of Italy. Opt for la "dolce vita" and savor a heartwarming culinary experience for €12.
Ocean menu: A tide of fresh flavors
Discover a meal with flavors and inspiration fished fresh from the sea. With the Ocean meal, you will enjoy delicious seafood prepared with care and coupled with delicacies of the vegetable variety. Lose yourself in a unique experience featuring refreshingly exotic cuisine! The Ocean meal is available for €15.





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