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Armenia in Autumn: Welcome to Sunny Armenia!

The first time you come to Armenia, you just subconsciously understand that this is an exceptional place, different from all the other places where you have been before. You feel something elusive in the air. Something that can’t be seen but can be felt. What is it? Perhaps, the tread of ancient civilizations and warm touch of the stones. Then you decide to come to the Republic of Armenia again and again.

Because there is something here that makes you love this small but rich land. Visit Armenia during autumn, there is nothing better than to take autumn tours to Armenia, where the amazing colors of nature will return you to the tales of your childhood. So, where to visit in Armenia in autumn?

Haghpat Monastery

Pay a visit to the village of Haghpat during autumn. In ancient times Haghpat was called Srblis or the Holy Light because the sun was rising from a nearby mountain and bathed in light by neighboring villages. After the construction of Haghpat Monastery,the village was renamed, and the locals christened the neighboring mountain the name Srblis.


Sanahin Monastery

Don’t miss the miracle of the Lori region: Sanahin Monastery,which occupies a small territory of about 2 hectares, in the central part of which, around the main Sanahin temple - Surb Astvatsatsin - the Amenaprkich church and the Surb Grigor chapel, the academy building, the book depository, the gallery building, the narthex, and the bell tower were built.


Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan or the Geghama Seais one of the largest alpine freshwater lakes on Earth. The lake is surrounded by the Geghama, Aregunian, Sevan and Vardenis mountains from different directions. It feels like Sevan is a piece of heaven on earth. Next, we will visit Sevanavank Monastery- the road ahead is not easy. Sevanavank Monastery is located on a hilltop, so we should climb high, but believe, it's worth it! Moreover, as we climb, the views will be more beautiful.


Garni Temple

During our autumn tours to Armenia, you should definitely visit the Garni Temple, built in 76, turned out to be the only one that survived the period of destruction of pagan temples that came after Armenia adopted Christianity in 301. We will find ourselves in a place where long before the adoption of Christianity, on high steps in the shadow of the Corinthian columns of the temple of Garni, the kings of antiquity in exchange for sacrificial gifts asked the Hellenic gods about the harvest and obedient subjects.


Geghard Monastery

A little further along our road, upstream of the Azat River, among the mountains in a narrow gorge, we will see Geghard Monastery. The stone walls of Geghard Monastery merge with the surrounding rocks. Its structures are partially carved into the rock. Inside the main temple, it is very dark: only a narrow opening in the dome and candles serve as lighting. The main volume of the temple was attached to those vestibules that are in the rock. The same ancient Armenian symbols are carved on the rock walls. 


Khor Virap

We recommend visiting one of the most revered places in Armenia during autumn: Khor Virap, which is a fortress-monastery, a pilgrimage site, sacred to the Armenian Apostolic Church, which offers the best view of Ararat.


Noravank Monastery

We will also make a trip to Areni village- famous for its different types of wine, here we will visit historical monuments and of course we will try the famous Areni wine. Noravank Monastery, according to legend, was the home for the part of the real Cross on which was the blood of Christ, the Cross, which was found by a mysterious wanderer.


Saghmosavank Monastery

Our autumn tour includes a trip to Saghmosavank Monastery,a complex on the edge of a rocky cliff of the picturesque gorge of the Kasakh River. Its silhouette dominates the village adjacent to it. And on the slope of Mount Aragats, we will see 39 Armenian letters carved from tuff - it is a monument to the Armenian alphabet. Stonecutters from all over Armenia participated in the creation of the monument, and it was created for the anniversary of the Armenian alphabet. The Armenian alphabet turned 1600 years old in 2007.


Armenia is a country of treasure, opening before you more and more new facets of charm. It’s a land of indescribable beauty with ancient and modern wonders. Visit Armenia during autumn, it’ll be marvelous!

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