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Natural Sights of Armenia

People have different preferences. Some people like spending time with friends, others just prefer to rest at home, the rest like singing and dancing, another group of people is more into gazing the stars and exploring them. Traveling is another choice for others. There are many reasons why people like traveling. It is an ideal activity to learn more about yourself. Every destination gives you a new mindset and energy. Armenia can be your next natural destination, where you can find gorgeous natural sights in all 10 provinces.

Admire the Garni Canyon 

The Garni canyon is located in the east of Yerevan and it is one of the most impressive landscapes in Armenia. You can reach the canyon from Garni village. If you are a true nature lover, the best way to see the Garni canyon is hiking down to the Azat River or from the temple of Garni which looks like a guitar.


Walk out to the point Dendropark Stepanavan

The first botanic garden in Armenia was founded by a Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich. The park is 133 km far from Yerevan. Stepanavan dendro park or Sochutwas would take a long time to explore the entire park thoroughly. All In all, the park covers 35 ha, including the forest and ornamental trees.


Enjoy Vorotan River Gorges

If you could visit only one place in Armenia, the Vorotan River would be a fine choice.  This place is amazing with its wonderful sights and wecan say it is a unique place in Armenia. The river is 178 km long and 100 meters deep and is located in the province of Syunik.


See Shaki Waterfall

Shaki waterfall is one of the most lovely nature sights in Armenia. There is a very interesting legend about the waterfall. It is about a beautiful young girl, who threw herself from rocks and her dress was opened in the wind and turned into a waterfall.  The waterfall is located in Syunik province with 18 meters of height. 


Visit Khosrov Forest Reserve

Armenia is not only famous for its culture, old churches and mountains, but also for its wide and dense forests. In this amazing and wonderful flora, people enjoy every minute and take unforgettable pics. Khosrov Forest Reserve is Located in the southeast of Yerevan, in Ararat province. The reserve was founded 1700 years ago by Armenian King Khosrov Kotak. The forest is reach with a variety of plants, trees, beard and there are many of them which are included in Red Data Book of Armenia.


Hike Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats is the highest point of Armenia, which is located in Aragatsotn province. It has four peaks; the Northern, the height of which is 4090 meters, then the Western with 4080 m of height, the Eastern with 3916 m of height, and the Southern with 3879 m of height. The Western peak can be reached in 2 hours. The Northern peak can be reached within 4 hours from the lake.  The best time for hiking in Mount Aragats is in the middle of May.


To sum up, the main thing is to be open-minded and positive in your wish and the world’s perception.

Happy travelling…

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