February 03, 2017

First time on Egypt Air

We have heard stories about Egypt Air... Captain Haradi's famous audio joke about their unsafe airlines, but nevertheless Egypt Air has come a long way after joining The Star Alliance Group. First time on Egypt Air, back in seat 39J, we were traveling to Cairo.


A blue logo, blue leather seats, a gentle and welcoming staff on a plane that is not as new as it should be. A quick lunch was served with water and juice only and of course no alcohol.

Two pain au lait bread buns each wrapped in a bag, a bit dry and hard with a sweet milky aftertaste. A hint of green beans salad with mayonnaise, two slices of smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, beef bacon and a cake. The guava juice was too sweet, the was bread too hard, the cheese and bacon were below average.

The good:

I liked the seats, they recline enough to enjoy a quick nap.

The bad:

The plane is old with a broken sound system you don't want to hear... It was so unpleasantly freaky.


On the way back, it was a different story. The staff lacked the minimal finesse. Rough and rude, they were in a hurry to finish service in minutes. I was pushed, a passenger next to me was laughed at because he thought he could choose his food... and had no choice but to eat the dry bread and unhealthy juice.

It was my first encounter with Egypt Air. Next time, I'm flying Middle East Airlines.





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