October 29, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Landing in Beirut: I Love Lebanon

This is my second time in a cockpit and I can only say one thing… Wow. If you ever get the chance to sit in with the captain, especially while landing in Beirut, please take it.  

The view is amazingly peaceful from the top… The Mediterranean Sea hiding a million and one stories, old buildings enduring the pain of time, new buildings expressing the need for change, every window has a story to tell, every door opens way to someone’s future, roads taking you towards the unknown, strong mountains standing the test of time… and so much more... A view of my country with all its chaos, drama, beauty ... things look calm from up here giving you a minute to think and admire what we have…  Landing_Beirut_Skyline36 I love Lebanon...


Malpensa Airport, Terminal 1, Gates A, Monteverdi Lounge


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