July 23, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Ahwak By Abed El Wahab: A Huge Disappointment

After reading a positive review about Ahwak By Abed El Wahab, I decided that I really have to visit this place to enjoy some good Lebanese food (After all, Abed El Wahab is one of the top Lebanese restaurants).

Ahwak By Abed El Wahab - Aurore Ramadan

I met some friends at Beirut City Centre, sat in the terrace of “Ahwak” and we were given the menus. We ordered:
  • Two BONELESS baby chicken platters with grilled potatoes
  • “Ahwak” Kabab platter
  • Taouk Platter
(My friend was on a diet so he asked to replace the potatoes with some grilled veggies) I really don’t know whether to start with the awful service we got or the terrible food we had! We waited for about 45 mins, and no food was served… We asked the waiter about the reason; he said that it will be ready in 5 mins tops! Yet again, we waited for more than 30 mins and asked the waiter again about our food! The waiter didn’t know what to say, but he was stalling as much as he can. Finally, the food arrived to the table, and I really wished it didn’t:
  • Dull, colourless and unappealing plates
  • The Taouk was undercooked and inedible (I wish I remembered to photograph it)
  • By definition, “boneless” means “without bones”, but unfortunately Ahwak doesn’t share the same definition. The baby chicken still had the hip bones.
  • The baby chicken was tasteless, no seasoning or marinating whatsoever.
  • My friend didn’t get his grilled veggies but he was too hungry to wait more!
  • The kabab was a complete disaster: we figured by its name that it’s a signature dish; yet the kabab was as thin as plastic straws, with some bitter unappealing eggplant that was burnt and chewy as hell.
  • The platters came with some dead mixed greens on the side that made the platters look even worse. (At least add some lemon oil sauce and make it a side salad, it doesn’t cost that much guys)
  • We ordered some bread that came an hour after, while we were paying the bill.
Maybe I was rude with my review, but I expected much more from this restaurant. The food was a BIG NO, not to forget the waiters who were acting like they were forced to work and serve!
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