July 12, 2012

Lebanon's Restaurants Hubs 103: Gemmayze

Gemayze has been know to be the best nightlife area in Beirut and even in Lebanon. Now it is transforming to a restaurant hub at the demand of the owners who could't stand anymore the nightlife sounds. Want to go have dinner or grab a bite in Gemmayze, below are the possibilities:


Basillio is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Gemmayzeh. Walking into the restaurant you feel that you're sitting at a piazza in the middle of Italy. Basillio’s menu offers all the traditional appetizers, pizza, pasta, meat platters. very rich in taste.

Basillio, Gemmayze, +961-3-1-444 410



Above La Tabkha, there's Oishii, an Asian cuisine restaurant.

Oishii, Gemmayze, 71252511



Paname is a new name on Gemmayze. Open anytime of the day, Paname offers a full menu of French bites. Only the freshest salads, sandwiches, entrees, main courses and desserts are served. Expect to go on a gastronomical trip while at Paname. No need to brush up on your French, just bring your appetite and passion for good living to enjoy an authentic French experience, with dishes such as Coq au Vin & Boeuf Bourguignon and Escargot to name a few. Divided into three sections: The lounge area, closed garden as well as the well designed bar for drinks and food, Paname welcomes its guests into a warm yet modern interior.

Paname, Gemmayze, +961-1-569 191



An impressive new concept in Gemmayze that houses three different restaurants in one setting - a beautiful courtyard between them. A grill house, a cheese and wine place and an Italian restaurant, each separate with a unique identity.

The Gathering, Gemmayze, +961-1-566196



Soto Japanese restaurant is one of the pioneers of Japanese foods in Lebanon. Managed by the competent Lotus Management Group and opened in 2004, Soto serves sushi and sashimi. With nearly 100 dishes available, Soto Japanese will surely satisfy even the fussiest of Sushi lovers.

Soto, Gemmayze, +961 1 573035


TAMASHII. Japanese Restaurant:

Set within the heart of Beirut precinct, Tamashii is the best kept secret in town serving up contemporary Japanese soul food unlike any other. Tamashii was created on the belief that a meal should not only satisfy your appetite, but also your soul. Tamashii invites you to enjoy the savory flavors of Japanese cuisine that are not only pleasing to the palate but also good for the soul. Our menu boasts authentic Japanese sushi and classic dishes matched with an exclusive range of sakés.

Tamashii, Gemmayze, +961 1 444 994



Rosé, resides in a restored old house offering international cuisine. The venue has an indoor restaurant, a lively bar and a lounge terrace. It also has a VIP private dining room, which was designed by internationally renowned designer, Zuhair Murad.

Rose, Gemmayze, +96-1-1567568




At ‘La Tabkha’ you can find common and authentic Lebanese dishes our grandmothers used to make. Although the food is traditional, the place is trendy.

La Tabkha, Gemmayze, +961-1-579000



Kahwet Leila is a great place offering a Lebanese menu with both traditional and innovative dishes. Light tags are available on some items. The place alone is a feast to your eyes.

Kahwet Leila, Gemmayze, +961-1-561888



Nestled in a cozy neighborhood downtown, Le Petit Gris offers a charming bistro experience within a dynamic urban environment. The food is solid along classic bistro lines but with a creative twist. One can enjoy snails that are offered in different flavorful sauces in a baked edible shell, another can indulge in a wild mushroom poached egg with mouillettes or the indisputable bistro must, the ‘’steak et frites ‘’. The superior quality and freshness of the ingredients is what drives the kitchen. The innovative use of organic produce within the comprehensive menu is highlighted. Le Petit Gris, with its extensive wine list, is open for lunch and dinner.

Le Petit Gris, Gemmayze, +961-1443737



Olio, a growing pizzeria is a favorite among pizza lovers. The food portions are generous and presented nicely. From appetizers, salads, pastas, meat and other Italian specialties, Olio is a nice calm place.

Olio, Gemmayze, +961-1-563939



Koï takes its place in the city’s stylish late night precinct. Sip on smooth cocktails, enjoy the finest sushi by Oceanus, and people-watch the night away by the street side windows as you take in the cool vibes from the in-house DJ...

Koi, Gemmayze, +961-7-208248



Experience village edibles at this unique bakery using ingredients that are "baladi". You can find a variety of pizza slices as well as other pastries...

Ramicitto, Gemmayze, +961-1-448444



Seccar Nabet offers a modern take on Lebanese cuisine.

Seccar Nabet, Gemmayze, +9611445455 VIE.


Restaurant & Club:

VIE offers international cuisine and exotic cocktails in a nice classy restaurant and club.

VIE, Gemmayze, +961-1-447766



Mayrig is a treat for your taste buds. Prepare to try something new and different. The place offers a large variety of Armenian dishes. The menu is well explained.

Mayrig, Gemmayze, +961-1-572121



Lebanese fast food restaurant.

Andalusia Resto, Gemmayze, +961-1-443833



Located in the Alleyway, Couqley, a popular French restaurant in Beirut, offers the traditional French food in a nice French bistro setting. In addition, if you’re a wine lover, you’ll be thrilled with the wine variety.

Couqley, Gemmayze, +961-1-442678 KOBE.


Dimsum Sushi Hibachi:

Quintessentially Japanese, Kobe, menus reflect a high degree of creativity and complexity, using imaginative presentations to enhance high quality, market-fresh ingredients. At "KOBE", they carry on the ancient art of teppanyaki - hibachi style cooking, in authentic Japanese culinary art.

Kobe, Gemmayze, +961-1-561016



Purple Moon is a restaurant and bar. Enjoy a live music show while having dinner.

Purple Moon, Gemmayze, +961-1-444009



Chili's Beirut is one of the most renowned casual diners in town, with over 60 restaurants across the Middle East. The Margarita Bar by Chili's in Gemmayze is a place to try. Signature items: Fajitas, quesadillas, burgers and Margaritas.

Chili's, Gemmayze, +961-1-571177



In a nice and warm atmosphere, Aliacci is an Italian restaurant that serves a large choice of Italian dishes.

Aliacci, Gemmayze,  +961-1-566199 



The place of full charm, La Place de L'Entrecote offer you a cozy, candle dinner, and a chimney giving you a romantic French country atmosphere where traditional French cuisine is expertly prepared for your pleasure.

La Place de L'Entrecote, Gemmayze, +961-3-688686



Walk into Lord of the Wings and you’re greeted with a clipboard, a pencil and a form. You just have to follow simple steps to build a just-made-for-you order. One combination of food may be appealing one day, another combination another day, and so on… that’s our clear advantage!

Lord of the Wings, Gemmayze, +961-1-567 666



Fauchon Paris is the address in Paris. A trip to the french capital can not be complete without visiting this unique and legendary french restaurant.  Coming to Beirut soon to serve over 125 years of gourmet excellence.



Urbanista is today an outlet that oozes simplicity. It’s a place where food is fresh, coffee is original and conversations are always brewing. The place is created in a way that offers its customers the feeling that they can still live in the city yet enjoy the simplest and most natural things in life. The owners say that the place represents what’s missing in our lives – a peaceful escape where you can go enjoy good food, a nice music, originally brewed coffee, work on your computer, read books, scan through magazines in a nice architectural atmosphere that combines the authentic old feel of how they found the place combined with modern taste.

Urbanista, Gemmayze, +961-1-567811



Paul is a perfect place to see and be seen. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the place is packed... a variety of fresh croissants, bread baked in house daily can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Paul, Gemmayze, +961-1-582222 LE ROUGE.


Restaurant, Cafe:

French cuisine restaurant Le Rouge in a cozy place on Gemmayze serving a variety of daily specials and more.

Le Rouge, Gemmayze, +961-1-442366


CHEZ FOTINE, Taverne Beyrouthine :

Fotine was known in the old Beirut for her elegance in her tastes and quality of her cuisine. Fotine had the fresh eggs in the morning, daily plat du jour and her fantastic spices for the fresh grind meat for grills. She remains alive through her recipes

Chez Fotine, Gemmayze, +961-1-565477 BACCI.


Cafe, Bistro, Lounge:

Bacci Caffe Bistro is your go-to place in the heart of Gemmayze anytime of day or night. Open every day to serve you food, coffee, desserts & drinks; with a wide variety of events every day and Beirut's elite.

Bacci Caffe, Gemmayze, +961-1-442 000



Le Chef has been around forever. Serving home made dishes this quaint little restaurant specializes in Lebanese 'home' cuisine. Daily dishes covers a full range of dishes you probably forgot existed. It's a casual place that welcomes business people, artists, writers and more.

Le Chef, Gemmayze, +961-1-44 53 73 KITSCH,


Boutique Cafe Bakery:

Kitsch is a perfect concept store. Cupcakes, books, clothes and other fun accessories, Kitsch also boasts a great small restaurant, Joanna's Kitchen serving the freshest ingredients picked and prepared by Joanna herself.

Kitsch, Gemmayze, +961-1-575075



Alcazar, bar and restaurant located on the infamous St Nicholas stairs, serves a taste of fusion international dishes. Nice music, good food and pleasant atmosphere.

Alcazar, Gemmayze, +961 1 586555



Ginette is a concept store and eatery located in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Designed by architects from the Raed Abillama firm, the interior is both spacious and modern. Housing a variety of clothes, accessories, grooming products and more, the mezzanine floor is an art space while the restaurant area which serves healthy bites, salads and sandwiches, extends out to a beautiful terrace.

Ginette, Gemmayze, +961-1-570440


HENRY J. BEANS, Bar and Grill: 

Henry J. Beans is the ultimate all American Bar & Grill, located in Gemmayze, the heart of Beirut’s nightlife. The menu features fantastic cocktails, cold beers, a great selection of spirits and the best of American food, served by a friendly team. Sit up at the cocktail bar where the action is, grab one of our high tables or relax at our comfortable sofas while listening to party tunes from the 70s on.

Henry J. Beans, Gemmayze, +961-1-574555


Inspired by the elegance of the seventies movies, this warm and friendly Bistro in Gemmayzeh offers fresh made sandwiches, salads, and daily specials. Try their savory Croque Monsieur and delicious Focaccia bread sandwiches.

Borsalino 72, Gemmayze, +961-3-636910


THE PENINSULA, Italian Restaurant : 

Experience authentic Italian cuisine at its best! A place to you can enjoy a combination of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes with your family and friends.

The Peninsula, Gemmayze, +961-1-576057



A fun name for a fun place. Grab a saj... Comsi Comsaj is a concept that combines authentic delicious Lebanese snacks (namely the saj), with modern pragmatic meals that cater to the dynamic and ever-evolving youth in the region.

Comsi Comsaj, Gemmayzi, +961-1-565323


FRANK WURST Fine Hotdog:

American style hotdogs can be enjoyed at Frank's Hotdogs.

Franks Hotdogs, Gemmayze, +961-1-448720

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