October 08, 2018

Flying Business Class on Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Beirut

Even though the plane is new, flying Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Beirut is not the most pleasurable of experiences. Economy class seats transformed into business seats leaving a free seat by your side and giving passengers a bit more leg space. The aircraft is not equipped with televisions but has the advantage of being provided with internet; I’ll connect in a while and check the speed.


You are welcomed onboard with a refreshing kit, and the menu is distributed. Business class passengers get to have a thick blanket and a relaxing pillow.

On today’s dinner, you can find a smoked filet of trout with cucumber and mustard salad. Lime crème fraîche and rillettes of smoked trout. Choose between a plate of beef with horseradish, risolee potatoes, and creamy Savoy cabbage. Or the Provençal prawns with Mediterranean vegetables enhanced by basmati wild and Camargue rice. Or rigatoni arrabiata. Cheese and dessert follow; medium aged gouda, montagnolo blue cheese and t’estime cheese served with apricot and mustard chutney. Biancaneve timbale on caramel sauce mascarpone mousse with coffee jelly and nut crunch on caramel sauce.


One great thing I loved is that the cabin is kept dark all night respecting passengers who want to sleep. Water, wine and good food, enjoying my internet connection, watching TED Talks and sharing my trip’s photos on Instagram, the trip was not as bad as I expected it to be.

With Lufthansa, you’ll get everything you need without paying for a big sofa; three hours and a half flight passed smoothly, quicker then I expected. I enjoyed my experience and the quality of food. Good food is served onboard.





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