April 10, 2017

Air France: The A380 Experience is Like any Other Plane!

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Address: https://www.airfrance.com.lb

Website: https://www.airfrance.fr

Price Range: 450-4000 $

I was so happy when I found out that I would be taking my next flight to New York onboard an A380, yes, AirFrance's A380 which I have dreaming of trying for a while. After an amazing experience onboard Korean Air, here I was checking what AirFrance has to offer, and believe me, I walked in expecting perfection!


When a company creates a cabin called "Best" while offering straight beds and cocoon seats, I walked in expecting the best.

Unfortunately the new giant to enter the market, A380... was not exceptional about it!

When I heard A380, you should have seen my face! A cocoon seat, a bar, the second floor... dreams of a different experience on a plane that's from the twenty first century. Air France A380 is exactly like an old A330: There was nothing exceptional about it.

AirFrance's A380 is made to fit more! The old seats, a very slow and disturbing computer, no Internet, old style seats that don't turn into a bed, no cocoon or separators between seats... nothing exceptional or different from any other A340 or B777. In few words, I was very disappointed.

Mind you, I'm not here to doubt AirFrance's business treatment and service. It has never disappointed me. I have always loved the the attention, their staff and their attention to the littlest details. You can read all my previous reviews and comparisons where I will take you on a journey of relaxation onboard one of my favorite airlines - dispute their old seats and lack of Internet onboard.


Anyway, let's do a review of today's flight. Up on the first level you will find the business class, premium economy and a tiny small economy section.  You will know when your plane is an A380 when you read high numbers on your boarding ticket. A smooth cover, pillow, slippers and a newly designed refreshing kit. Before take off, champagne and newspapers are proposed.

I laid back, chose three movies and added them to my list of favorite while taking off took. It's also when I discovered the worst thing... i understand having to search for the headphone socket ten years ago when only few had their own. But building a new plane and still finding it hard to find it is bad. Almost everyone has a headphone of earphone of their own?  Good luck finding the socket to connect your headphones. 

Food is as good as always, some plates prepared by Michelin starred chefs, French knowhow and culinary finesse, the best of wines offered are by welcoming and attentive staff. Scallops in a Vergine to start, Foie Gras followed, cod flavored with white truffle and a chocolate dome. Michel Roth is the chef and wines are selected by Paolo Basso, Thierry Desseauve and Michel Bettane.


I enjoyed every part of this meal, I watched three movies on their 17inch screen... A yummy lunch indeed, tasty fish prepared to perfection, large pieces of cheese, tender bread, a superb wine selection and exquisite dessert. Hours passed on this smooth flight. I took a nice nap before reaching New York. 

Coffee, chocolates and candies, another light meal and here we are ready to land.

All I'm saying is that it's not worth the hype not changing flights to try the A380. The only advantage it has is the three cameras on which you can watch the landing and takeoff.





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