April 13, 2013 UAE GCC Middle East

Stepping Into Another Dimension: Emirates Business Lounge

Traveling Business Class on board Emirates Airlines is just something out of this world. From the minute you arrive to the airport, to the experience at the lounge, and not to forget the privileged shortcut that takes you from the lounge to the plane, combined  to the ultimate environment of peace and serenity on board the plane... You're a king in your own castle.
The Emirates Business class has a very special large lounge. The fifth floor of the terminal three of Dubai International airport is "The Business Lounge". A complete floor - over viewing the duty free - as big as the terminal itself, the space is dedicated to premium passengers. Passengers that really are treated better than kings.
Whatever you dream off is available: showers, business centers, a cigar bar, the dining areas, mother and baby care area, prayer room, quiet room, refreshments bars, timeless spa and toilets...
This gigantic lounge offers the same services in many spots. This will help travelers enjoy the space more without all bumping into each other in one place - more than 7 refreshment stations, food corners, computer stations, beds, sofas, meeting tables, cozy spaces, leather chairs, intimate dining tables, indicative screens and much much more. A really impressive piece of heaven.
The food is by itself is another story that cannot easily be described. Whatever you can imagine. All the ingredients and preparations of the world are available in one place. Just name it: Meat, chicken, ham, turkey, rice, donuts, muffins, croissants, cold cuts, salmon, bagels, exotic fruits are a few of the things that I remember.
Some of the food choices:
  • Chinese nuts Mix
  • A large choice of french bread
  • Maamoul Pistachio
  • Salad Bar
  • Smoked Salmon and capers
  • A choice of eight cooked dishes
  • A hotdog station
  • A popcorn station
  • Hagen Dazs Ice cream fridge
  • Mixes and chips bags
  • Fresh cut exotic fruits
  • Cold cuts fridge
  • Danish pastries and croissants
  • Mini prepared sandwiches
  • Yogurt
You might think, that bigger will look less creative. Not in the Emirates business lounge. The materials used from glass to wood, crystal to stainless steel, marble and granite, leather material and carpets are all super well chose in premium quality and imported from high-end manufacturers.
As for the staff, as Emirates Airlines are known for, they are unbelievably great. They are super attentive, always smiling and welcoming... every time you make eye contact with them they ran to serve you in any way.
I love how they greet all passengers as if each is the first person they see on that day.
The food is delicious, the wine served is perfect, the desserts are mouthwatering.... Everything is unique.
When time comes to move to the aircraft, the business passengers have a special elevator and a special bridge transporting them from the lounge to the plane within minutes. I think it's a premiere around the world.

It is not the most beautiful lounge for sure, but one of the best equipped and mastered for the satisfaction of its visitors. Simply superb.






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