September 19, 2015

Maybe What the Big Bad Wolf Needed Was a Cookie!

Oreo's is launching its new campaign in the Middle East after more than a decade of successfully running the moments campaign globally. Oreo’s ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign hopes to change perspectives by adding an element of fun to consumers’ lives. The ‘Wonderfilled’ brand hopes to inspire people across the GCC region by unleashing their imagination and playfulness.

According to FastCoCreate, "perhaps all the Big Bad Wolf needed to avoid a path of death and destruction was an Oreo cookie. Likewise, maybe Dracula would have developed a taste for milk over gore if exposed to some crème-and-chocolate goodness. The latest campaign for Oreo indulges such alternate imaginings of classic stories in a breezy new musical spot that marks a new creative direction for the 101-year-old brand."


Milk’s favorite cookie is asking people questions to help stir their imagination, such as: Have you ever wondered what might happen if you gave an Oreo to a monster; will he still be evil? Or will he be inspired to change his ways? The new creative campaign is intended to bring to life the child within people and let their creativity run wild. The purpose is to build positive outcomes from the simplicity of ‘sharing a cookie’.

“The ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign reminds grownups how something small, like an Oreo, combined with a little imagination can brighten up their day and allow them to see things through a different light,” said Mohammed Anwar Zaman, Director of Biscuits Brands – EEMEA at Mondelez International. “We want people to not be afraid to see the world through the innocent eyes of a child and let their minds wonder without limits by being ‘Wonderfilled’.”

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