June 20, 2016

The New Business Night Service Offered by Air France

Phone Number:

Address: https://www.airfrance.com.lb

Website: https://www.airfrance.fr

Price Range: 450-4000 $

Traveling from New York back to Paris I was surprised by a new service offered to business passengers flying at night. Now you can dine the same exact menu offered up in the air while seated behind a table in the business lounge and enjoy the next seven hours relaxing or sleeping. Customers with a healthy appetite can, of course, eat again during the flight...


It is a great idea, have your dinner and sleep throughout the flight, but I'm not sure if I want to have my meal on the ground. A meal in the air is all about a certain ritual, plates, a menu, a story, choices and time given to enjoy a meal prepared for the air. Will it taste the same on the ground? I would personally eat what the lounge has to propose: Down on the ground floor a reasonable selection of food awaits from which you can choose.

Tonight's menu: Salad bar, chicken with mushroom sauce, Provençal beef stew, rice, butternut squash soup, cheese and sandwiches.

An intelligent initiative will organize the work of hostesses and give you more time to sleep. I will personally keep the food experience of the air for the air.





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