November 11, 2015

Economy on Delta Airlines: The Good and The Bad

Not a single empty seat onboard Delta 767- 400 – the plane was packed and overbooked. It’s an old plane with no USB plugs, with small screens and tight legroom. It’s hard for a trip that's more than 8 hours to Paris. It's not that this plane can't do the job but when one discovers what a ‘new’ plane is all about, it's not easy to go back. 


Let me tell you about the cabin. It's a 2/3/2 plane, two seats on one side, three in the middle and two on the other side. Leather blue seats, red covers and pillows. Earphones, earplugs and eyeshades are distributed followed by hot napkins. Even in economy, you are pampered a little bit. The plugs are normal jack plugs not the double ones that need an adapter.

Sponsors are well mentioned including Coca-Cola and Starbucks for the duration of the flight which is not bad actually when you're partnering with the world's most famous brands.

Some movies, HBO movies, Showtime series and some TV documentaries were playing. 

Dinner was a choice of chicken or ravioli, a salad with ranch sauce, a piece of cheese with toast, a bun and a brownie wrapped in paper like a cookie you buy off the counter. I had no choice but to have the ravioli like everyone back on the five last rows, because they didn’t have any chicken left. So, lesson of the day, never sit at the back.

The Ravioli was very tasty indeed. Three large chunks of ravioli bathing in tomato sauce and filled with spinach and cheese. With that comes a choice of soft drinks, wine and beer.

The seat is another story. It only reclines around 5 centimeters. You won’t even feel the difference. Your legs can't make it under the seat in front of you. A very unpleasant low quality seating for an 8 hours flight. Unacceptable to say the least!

One hour before landing, lights were turned and breakfast was served. A carton box with a croissant, strawberry jam, strawberry yogurt, Minute Maid juice and a Mentos candy as well as Starbucks coffee while we prepared to land in Paris.

What I noticed is that coming in business and back in economy, the staff in economy is way different. None of them smiled once! For that I prefer AirFrance's new strategy pampering travelers.

That's Economy in Delta. Next time you travel, you'll know what to expect.





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